Her Doom

Ryan stood for a while, at a distance as he awaited his mother who was having a discussion with some of the maids. His mother passed a glance at him before dismissing the maids.

“What was that?” He questioned as he walked towards her.

“Well, preparations for Alpha Raphael’s ceremony. We have to prepare and behave well just if we find a mate for you there” His mother winked. “His eldest daughter, Renata” She smiled, revealing her white pair of teeth. 

“Ugh come on mother, I already told you Renata and I can never be an item. She can never be my mate. A rude lady? Have you considered how rude she will be to our people? A rude brat cannot be the Luna.

A rude brat cannot be my pride” He shook his head as he found it really offensive.

“Come on Ryan. Save the lady some air. You have not even had an encounter with her, you have not met her neither have you talked to her, how then do you know that she is rude?” His mother tried to convince him.

“But people who had encounter with her testified to how rude she is!”

“People can be wrong!”

“Over a dozen of people cannot be wrong, mother. You always said so” He reminded his mother as he just could not understand why his mother was so determined.

“At least give her a benefit of doubt” The Luna pleaded.

“Yes mother” Ryan sighed. He could not continue the conversation anymore. The more they discussed it, the more infuriated he became.

 “By the way, where is father?”He crossed his arms behind him.

“He is having a meeting with Alpha Tyrone” She announced as she made a sad face. He was not buying it this time. 

His mother would always do that whenever she wanted him to do something but he was definitely not going to buy it.

“What is the meeting about?” He raised his brows as he suspected what it was.

“They are contemplating on what to give to Alpha Raphael on this special occasion” She announced, confirming his suspicion. He knew it.

“Why is everything centered around Alpha Raphael and his family? You are here, discussing his daughter. Father on the other hand is discussing about him and Amora? Probably, she would be discussing his wife? Or his maid? I am so tired of everything. I am sick of hearing their names!” He turned back in anger. 

“And where are you heading to?” His mother questioned, shocked by his sudden action.

“I am going out with my friends. I am going on a tour around the park. Atleast, a place where Alpha Raphael and his matters are not been discussed. He sighed.


“Voila! The loaves of bread are ready!” Eva yelled victrioulsly as she placed her arms on her waist. She was sweating profusely. Baking 47 loaves of bread was not easy for Mabel how much more Eva? 

“I am so proud of you. If you were my daughter, I would give you out to the most handsome and strongest man in the world who would be able to protect you from anyone cause you deserve the best” Mabel commended.

“Thank you. So what do we do now?” She asked excitedly as she wanted to do more.

“You are tired, you need to rest. What you did was no child’s play” Mabel commended.

“No, I am not tired” she smiled widely at Mabel.

“The maids and servants would each come in to have their breakfast. Till then, I need to get to the market. We are short of a lot of things. I need to go now so I would be back by evening” She picked a bag.

“Evening? Why? Is it that far?” Eva pouted her lips.

“Of course it is, my dear. If the things I need are not present at our market here, then I need to go to the neighbouring market to get it.” Mabel explained.

“But how am I supposed to cope without you till evening?” Eva threw her hands in the air, pouting her lips.

“Come on Eva, this is not the first time I am going. You could keep yourself busy. Read the novels with you.”

“I read them all!” Eva creased her brows.

“All seven of them?” Mabel’s eyes widened in shock.

“All seven of them” Eva smiled in response.

“Her savior?” Mabel requested.

“I read it” Eva confirmed. 

“That book alone took me twenty five days to finish even with me being fast and you finished it in five days? I do not believe you” Mabel shook her head.

“Why? Why would I lie to you?” Eva questioned

“I believe you are lying to me. You want me to stay with you, is that it?” Mabel gave a questioning look.

“I want you to stay with me but I would not lie to do such.” Eva shook her head.

“So what do we do?”

“Good morning , my lady” The maids greeted as they walked in to have their breakfast with each taking her piece and leaving. Eva smiled at them as they greted her.

“I have an idea, let’s leave together!” Eva suggested with a bright smile.

“What! You know that is impossible. What if your father asks of you? What then do I tell him?"

“We would be back before he realizes”

“Do not be foolish. Your father would sense your absence immediately we leave. I cannot take the risk.” Mabel shook her head as she imagined what the consequence would be. “It is very dangerous” She added.

“Then I would find a way to leave with or without your help and I would get lost and never return to this house!” Eva threatened.

“No Eva, you cannot do such!” Mabel shrieked in fear.

“Watch me do it” She folded her arms on her chest.

“Okay” Mabel sighed.

“Okay?” Eva probed.

“Okay, you can come with me but I hope your father would not be upset” Mabel sighed.

“Yes!” Eva screamed in excitement and immediately covered her mouth the moment she realized someone could hear her.

Eva had always wanted to leave the house but her father never allowed it. He never stopped any of his other two daughters cause they were strong and could defend themselves. Also, they had their wolves senses to notify them whenever danger was nearby.

Eva on the other hand was a weakling. She could not fight neither has her wolf ever showed itself and severally, she had doubted if she ever had a wolf in her. 

While Mabel walked to the carriage, Eva dreses as a maid and pretended to be asleep as she bent her head in the carriage so she would not be noticed.

Alongside two other maids who sat by both her side to get rid of suspicion, they wre about to go out of the gate when they heard a shout, requesting them to wait.

Eva’s heart began to beat in fear and so did the maids. If she was caught, then the other maids too would have to suffer for it.

“Who is the maid sleeping? Can I see her face?” The chief security asked. One of the maids was about to talk when Mabel quickly caught in.

“What is this? Did you stop us for all these? We are in a rush and you are asking the lame question?

Would you let the Alpha punish us for arriving late?Well, if he does, I would tell him you are responsible for it!” Mabel yelled at the guard.

“I am deeply sorry, you can leave” The guard apologized and ordered the gates be opened for them.

Eva smiled within, she was dazed at how perfectly Mabel covered up. She was so smart and intelligent. 

After they had moved a distance, long away from the palace, Eva rose up. She smiled as she viewed the terrific and mighty buildings that laid on the streets, Everywhere was so beautiful. She was marveled. 

“The world outside the parkhouse is beautiful!” She gasped.

“Of course” Mabel smiled as she looked at her. A tear fell from her eyes. 

“What is the matter? Are you okay?” Eva asked.

“I am” She lied “Something flew into my eyes”

“I am so sorry. Did you get it out or should I help you with it?” Eva questioned with concern.

“Thanks but I already did” Mabel smiled.

Eva smiled and concentrated on the beautiful buildings, she did not know when next she would be able to see it. 

“Ladies’ heart. Ladies choice” Ryan’s friends praised him as he walked towards them. Unlike other times, he did not smile. He was still upset.

“Wow, look like someone is not on the good side today. Is something wrong?" Andrew, Ryan’s best friend questioned.

“It’s mother” He sighed as he sat in their midst. They were four, Ryan inclusive.

“She wants me to be Renata’s maid at all cost” Ryan spilled.

“Renata? Alpha Raphael’s first child?” Randolf, another one of his friends asked.

“Of course!” He threw his hands in the air.

“Renata da beauty goddess? That lady is hot and sexy and to top it all, she is a good warrior. You should be happy!” Vic tapped Ryan lightly.

“Hmm hmm and you forgot to add she is rude and saucy, right?” Ryan raised his brows.

“All those do not matter. You could train her to your taste. You do not need to throw away such a big opportunity.” Randolf added.

“She has a much more prettier sister” Andrew who had been quiet all along voiced out.

“Adrianna. Come on, the girl is a minor and I believe the same blood flows in their vein” Ryan looked at his friend in disbelief.

“Not that one. He has another daughter who rarely goes out, heard she is not as strong as her sisters but I kid you not, she is very beautiful and humble. I hope to make her mine someday, I am so in love with her although I only saw her twice” Andrew explained further.

“She must be a plague cause Alpha Raphael never hides his children. “ Ryan scoffed.

“Do not talk in that regards about my woman!” Andrew growled.

“Whatever, can we leave now?” Ryan suggested.

“Of course!” Randolf smiled as they walked out. Ryan could not believe why his friend was so upset over a woman that is not his yet. He shrugged. Andrew would definitely come back to his senses. 


After few hours of journey, they arrived at their destination. Davina was wowed by the market sight. There were several traders selling several wares. 

She had never been to the market before and the sight marveled her. She had not even seen across the borders of their park house. 

“This is beautiful” 

“Of course it is” Mabel smiled as she alighted from the carriage. She ordered the maids to buy several things in several direction to make it faster and more easier. 

The maids nodded and went in separate ways.

“Come with me” Mabel instructed as she held Eva in the hand. She was not going to let her out of her sight.

No sooner had they walked in when Eva sighted a white rabbit, trying to escape. It was so beautiful and she could not just let it go.

Knowing that Mabel was already engrossed in the selling, she silently sneaked away, following the rabbit wherever it was heading to.

“Hold on” She called on to the rabbit as it hopped away. Determined to catch it, she followed it.

The owner could be at loss if he did not find it. Finally, the rabbit stopped and turned to her. 

“You little” She grabbed it. The she turned to leave but was confused as all the path sees to look alike. Fear washed through her.

She looked around, trying to find her way but she could not. Her body trembled when she suddenly heard a voice.

“Look who we have here. A pretty lady in our pretty hood” About four different guys walked towards her.

“And who…who are you?” She managed to ask with a shaky voice.

“Your doom” They smiled, causing a gasp to escape her mouth.

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