Chapter Eleven

I fell to the ground, my backpack sliding across the polished hallway floor.

I could feel a shooting wave of pain from my wrist, having roughly hit the ground, and I immediately cradled it to my chest. At least it wasn't the worst pain I'd ever felt.

"Ah shoot, I'm so sorry," a worried, husky voice said.

I looked up and saw a boy, maybe sixteen, staring down at me with a hand outstretched. But it wasn’t the fall that now shocked me into silence, but rather his eyes.

They were like molten golden orbs, catching

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Wonderfully confused
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Keyton Nash-Putnam
I love how they advertise that this is a free book and you don’t have to pay but guess what you have to pay, it ridiculous
goodnovel comment avatar
Anastasia Krafcik
I was not expecting that..

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