Book Two - Ch.# 20

We exited the vehicle and I began walking to the front door, thinking that Kieran was next to me. Only, as he called out to me, I realised he was still at the car.

“Come here for a second,” he said, crooking his finger for me to return.

I did as he asked and he stood in front of me, a smirk on his lips.

“I hope you don’t find this too weird,” he said, and I merely raised a brow in question.

He then gently grabbed my hand and placed it across my chest. “It won’t be a very formal setting but you’re still going to meet my father. It means I need to teach you this. It’s the same thing that Daniel did. You place your hand here and bow your head a little. It’s a sign of respect for those ranked above you, as well as those amongst allied packs.”

Oh, I did remember the gesture. Though I hadn’t known what to do at the time and just stood there. Was I meant to have done it back? Was I considered “allied” despite not being from a pack?

“Like this?” I asked.

And I mimicked what I’d seen.

But it i
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Whoa what's wjy Allison
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Dawn Rosewood
Book is listed as ongoing as specified on the details page. Chapters are still being written and updated regularly. Thanks.
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Ummmmm. So that’s just it? Another book orrrr?!?! Shits got me paying and now the story ends?!?!

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