26. Gracefully Broken

The morning breaks into the window frames and the arrays of heat dashes into their covering. The lass yawned as she gawked her eyes on the ceiling, she gazed at the lady beside her and poked. "Hey, the morning's breaking in!" She carelessly shoved the mate's shoulder and let out a chuckle upon seeing her snort.

"It's Wednesday, we have to attend our physical education class!" Kyaellani Sullivan asserted and poke the sleeping beauty beside her, seeing Mace peacefully asleep, she got up from the mattress and led her feet toward the glass window, closing the curtains. Yet before she could even do it, her eyes caught the beautiful sunrise.

"What beautiful scenery," she muttered and cheerfully smiled, Sullivan stretched out her arms and gradually shook her head. "It's time for a coffee," she mumbled and jumped her way to the kitchen area.

"What have we got here?" Helping herself up, she searches for something to eat or drink on the kitchen cabinets and checks the fridge as well.

"I can'
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