It All Started With A Boy

It All Started With A Boy

By:  TheWeirdTruth  Ongoing
Language: English
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school is the best. Especially when you're about to graduate! Jefferson Adelanwa is the smartest kid in King Fredrick's College. He's loved by all adults, has won several academic awards and has been the school head boy since his tenth year. What's not to like?Everything. Having to deal with keeping up with his splendid perfect child reputation and ward off jealous bullies for the next one year was a tough job. At least until he met them. They turned his life upside down, and also helped him to brave through the greatest shock of his life From not so fancy Disney themed balls, to eating at the table of a notorious gang, to fighting off a mad murderer. Jeff finally learns how to love in every way possible........One boy, three girls, five murders.....The first of the Crystal Point Series

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Jewellery Diamonds
More updates pls 😀🙏
2021-07-21 18:10:11
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Jewellery Diamonds
Very nice book
2021-05-01 06:16:07
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The fact that it started with a boy gon make me read!!!❤️❤️???
2020-10-11 06:14:19
20 Chapters
The Boy No one Likes
 Dedication Dedicated to all the kids and teens who are different. " You are different because you are special" -Riece blossom       I hate alarm clocks. They're so irritating. But in my life, they're a necessity. I put off my alarm clock and got out of bed rather lazily. I brushed my teeth, walked to the kitchen put a cup of water in the kettle and set it to boil. I went back to my room, gathered up my Physics textbooks
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My Apple Is Green But Their Envy Is Greener
                    It was lunch time and I was glad! I could finally have some alone time eating and watching people while mentally judging them. I sat at my favorite spot in the cafeteria, the table at the far corner with bad lighting so no one could see me.        As I ate, I watched two juniors squabble over something that was apparently dumb, a group of Year Ten students talking loudly and a boy and girl from Year Nine walking to the tuck shop, holding hands.      I felt sick watching the love birds and their lovey dovey antics. It would take a long time before I fall in love. It's not like I don't do girls. I do. I'm a typical Nigeria guy after all.'s not like I have a problem with the other gender.....genders? I support bisexuals and trans and gays and lesb
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Roses Are Red...What Comes Next?
       It was the second day of school in King Fredrick's College and it was bubble than the first. The grand hall had streamers hanging and balloons floating. Posters were everywhere and some classes had colorful stickers stuck to their doors. Tha welcome ball was fast approaching.   And the girls were saying....."Oh! This is exciting!""I will dance like kilode!""I hope Gbolahan asks me to be his date.""Should I paint my nails pink or purple?""I hope my mom will let me go.""If mine doesn't, I'll just sneak out " And the guys were saying....."Ómó, this party go bad!""GB and AY don talk say dem go dance that day.""GT and Gigi also promised to sneak in know na.""Sure na bros. Those twins ehn, dem no dey fail.""Na
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        Three more weeks till the Welcome ball and I'm doing my best to avoid Tishe.But that girl is everywhere! I dodged her during all classes, gym, history class, prep, Music class and Counseling Segment throughout the previous week. This week hopefully, she would've gotten the message. --------------------------------------------------------- I took my seat at the front of the class that morning, ready to read for the days topic as usual. As I sat, I felt something sticky on my butt and I groaned. I stood and stared at the was of gum on my desk. I rolled my eyes as I heared snickers from the few guys that sat at the back of the class. I scoffed at their childishness, tore a blank sheet of paper from my note book and use
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Gangs, Boys, Explosions And Football
         "Ohhh, you two are soooo in love!" Tishe sang as well walked into the hall towards our lockers. I groaned, why are their lockers next to mine?! Gazelle, I had no problem with, but the other two....gosh!"Both of you were just staring into each others eyes, drinking in the water from the fountain of love."she said, a hand over her heart. Caitlyn fake gagged and I nudged her,smiling. She smiled back and walked over to Tishe."Tish, stop teasing them when we all k ow you've been crushing on Richard Peters since like forever."Tishe's face deepened and Gazelle and I chuckled."True. I've watched you enough to notice how stupid you act in front of Mr Bad boy." I said and she glared at me."Tishe and Richie sitting in a tree,""K-i-s-s-i-n-g.' Caitlyn and I sang. Gazelle laughed as Tishe walked away from us."That'll teach her to make fun of people." Caitlyn said as we reached our lockers. "Mus
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"How Could You Say No!"
         "How could you say no!"I winced and glared at my elder brother."I didn't say no, Lee. I said I'll think about it.""Squirt, I know you. When you go 'I'll think about it', you mean 'I'm too busy being a nerd and ruining my social life, so the answer is no'."I raised a brow."Okay, that was weirdly accurate. Except for the ruining my social life part.""You have no friends, Squirt.""Yes I do." I defended. He folded his arms across his chest."And they might be?""Tishe Adeleye-Micheal,Gazelle Taiwo and Caitlyn Blossom." I said without thinking. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he stared at me."You're kidding me,right?"I shrugged then froze as I realized what I had just said. I called them my friends. My friends!I have friends now.Wow.Could I really call them my friends?I mean, we talk and they do their best to defend
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        The interior of the club was even more rowdy and lively than its exterior. There were disco balls and spectrum lights hanging on the roof, the walls were deep green and had African graffiti all over it. On the  stage was a round fair skinned man wearing a navy blue T-shirt, black crazy jeans, Timberland boots and fake bling. His long black dreads dropped low to kiss his short bushy beard. He was shouting and jumping about the stage while the audience of drunk and sexually aroused folks cheered him on. We walked to the bar and Tife slipped behind the counter. He grinned at us as he pulled out a bottle of Chelsea gin and four glasses. "I don't think I should be drinking that." I said, scrunching up my nose at the smell of alcohol. Lee took a glass and downed it in a second. I stared at my brother with wide eyes."Since when did you start drinking?""Since I joined Nigeria's frustrating police force."Abella took a shot
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Bubbles And Silence
       I couldn't sleep. The residue of the last nights events haunted me. Was Lee alright? Was Tife alright? Would Abella be alright? What was Diana doing there, dressed like a guy and singing for fifteen thousand Naira? I mean, her father was a senator, what would she need the money for? What was the cause of the rucus at the club? Was it the serial killer? Was Lee okay?I sighed and sat up. Abella was still deeply asleep and Diana was lying on the other couch, her back towards me. She was probably also asleep. The suspense was killing me. I sighed and buried my head in my hands. I could feel my slightly long curly hair between my fingers. I need a hair cut. Badly. "Can't sleep?"I looked up. Diana was sitting up on her couch, her legs crossed under her. Her black and blue hair was slightly frizzy and sticking out in places. Her eyes were red and had black rings underneath them and she looked older than her seventeen years. I glanced
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"I'm Awesome."
       Most people spend their Saturdays in bed or reading novels or over working themselves to death. But hey, do what makes you happy right? Well, as nice as those sound, especially the being in bed part, I spend my Saturdays studying and shooting at soda cans in the makeshift shooting range my elder brother set up in our backyard. Lee held my arm in place as I aimed at a row of 7Up cans that Lee placed a few metres away.  "Okay, the four rules of firearm safety. Rule one; all guns are always loaded. So before you shoot, make sure there are enough bullets in there or if there are no bullets at all. So, you--" "Point the muzzle of my gun in a safe direction. Make sure I grip the pistol without pulling the trigger, press the button on the side of the hand grip to eject the magazine, verify if the gun is loaded or not." I gave him a look and h
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Tone Deaf Beethoven
       I groaned as my alarm clock blared. Stupid clock and it's stupid ringing and it's dumb ticking. I sat up on my bed and groaned holding my head. Despite the Panadol Mom gave me last night, I still have a massive headache. Stupid Panadol that didn't work."Jefferson? Are you awake?" Mom said from behind the door."Ughhh.""Do you want some Bournvita?""Ugh.""What of Milo?""Ughh.""Okay." she said, chuckling. I heard her walk away and I lay on my bed. Monday, another school day. Great, more 'quality time' with an entire school of senseless hormonal teenagers. I rolled out of bed and sluggishly got ready for school. I picked up my back pack, with a lot of effort, and trudged to the dining table. Lee was there already eating the Jollof rice Mom made for breakfast. I sat on the chair beside him and groaned, slamming my face on the hard wood."Rough night?""Hmm.""I
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