After the incident, I guided Avis to a private room to have her time. I led her to a sofa while the tears are still running down on her cheeks.

She sat down.

I can hear her sobs, I know that she is trying to suppress it but she can't. I sighed and hug Avis tightly, I can understand what she's feeling and I felt so sad and angry for what is happening now.

I took some water from the pitcher and poured a glass of water to her.

I gave it to her and she reached it, her hands are shaking.

I sighed multiple times seeing Avis in this state. It somehow also makes me sad for her.

She was still shaking and looks so confused but she's trying to conceal it. Avis don't deserve this, she deserves the best but why is she receiving shits like this?

"Try to rest, Avis. Don’t worry, I will protect you here." I pat her head and wipe those tears from her cheeks. She nodded and tried to lie down on the sofa. I fixed the cushions on her side and fixe

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