Chapter 33

Chapter 33

I unpacked my stuffs and began stuffing them in the little wardrobe I guess was meant for me.

I'm glad we all have different closet, don't want this kids playing with my stuffs. *Chuckles* yeah, kids, haha.

I closed the wardrobe and then locked it with my little key, I'm gonna be keeping my secret stuffs in there, my books, a diary I don't even use no more and then some painting of I and Amelia I made myself, I'mma store them all there, that way they're safe.

" Hi " I heard a tiny voice behind me. I flinched a little as I turned to the girl who is my roommate.

" I'm Amy, what's your name? " She asked as she stretched a handshake. I shook hands with her with a raised brow. " Amy? Like Amelia in full? " I asked but she shook her head.

" No, just Amy " She replied with a smile as I let go of hands. I think I like her already, she has a cute smile, not 'cause of the cute smile obviously but 'cause her name partially sounds like Amelia to me.

Only if she had an ocean blue
Mira Ace 2

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