Chapter thirty-six( Wanting to know you more)

Mira's Pov:

"What the fuck…!!! I surprisingly yelled at him, this is the same guy that I have been avoiding meeting, but here he was standing in front of me and even went to the extent of hugging and running his hand all over my body. I can't fall too cheaply, is it because I lack affection? Is it because I haven't felt like this before? I wildly stared at him as he tried taking a step forward.

"Hey……you just stand there," He studied me as I stammered to speak before moving towards me. He looks so enchanting, I indirectly take in his appearance. He is wearing plain navy blue jeans and a white shirt which compliments his eyes, his hair is curled up in a ponytail style. His eyelashes were long, longer than mine which makes me jealous. He is fucking handsome and neat, his alluring eyes take in my appearance from my leg up to my eyes. He kept giving me a heated look, his eyes moved from my legs and stopped in between my thighs. His eyes were fixed on my bare exposed thigh making me
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