Chapter seventy-five( History)

Mira's pov:

"Are you going somewhere?" Snubbing my questions, she asked me.

"I asked you a damn question, Jessy…..!" I snapped at her, flinching back and she completed herself quickly.

Clearing her throat she nervously muttered, "I am here to check on you……"

"Check on me like how? Why?" With a raised brow I asked.

"You haven't left your room for days now," she says.

"Whatever….." I clasped, "Now that you haven't seen that I am fine then you know what…..!" I asked.

"Nope…." She answered back as her eyes were fixed on my bag and this annoys the shit out of me.

"Get out…." I muttered.

"Excuse me," raising her eyes she mumbled.

"I SAID GET LOST!" I harshly glared at her.

"Okay…." She shortly replied before speeding out of the room. Closing the door, with my back leaning in the door I released a sign of relief.

"That was close…." I murmured.

"We have to be fast…." Heaven urged me to pack the remaining stuff very fast. Rushing into the bathroom I picked up my toiletries and shoved them in
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