Chapter 34: Crazy Game

Eason’s POV

I know it’s stupid for me to get angry over those trifles. But I just can’t stand Alex, with him pestering Nat like a fucking annoying fly.

I stare at them gloomily across the court before the game. Natalia is talking to him and then they both burst into laughter together. Her smile is so beaming and bright that I know she must have a special feeling for him as well. If I hadn’t made the move first, she would have been with him already.

I can’t let that happen.

The game began and I’m all in for it. James told me that fucking Alex is pretty good at sports too but I’m losing this one to him.

At first, it was still a casual game played in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. But my intention to win was probably too obvious that Alex sensed it quickly. He got serious immediately. And it soon turned into a brutal one-on-one contest between me and him.

Fifteen minutes later, after I managed to score another point, Katherine tosses the ball aside and collapsed to the ground. Hot s
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Marlenny Fernandez
We need to know what the bits between Alex and Eason. And we need more details to know why is Eason revenge for . What did she do 3 years ago. Cus if it that she left, she didn’t planned that her parents parted them. And maybe someone is manipulating that situation. Maybe Jason
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If only the author reads our comments or at least says why there is no update as yet
goodnovel comment avatar
Yes that’s true but this chapter is the first for this week and today is Thursday

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