Chapter 42: Silver Dress

If she weren’t my mom, I’d throw the F bomb at her.

“Are you out of your mind?” I ask sharply, “Why on earth did you invite her!”

“I never invited her, OK? You think I like this arrangement?” mom says urgently. “Even though they were separated, she’s still Shawn’s business partner. What can I do?”

“Millions of things! Have you tried talking to Mr. Ramirez about this? I think he will be equally awkward if his ex-wife comes to his anniversary party that he’s having with his new wife!”

Mom sighs deeply, “I tried. But he said they ended on good terms so no one should feel weird about this. And recently he is negotiating a new partnership with her company, so he couldn’t really uninvite her. And I don’t want to jeopardize his work with our personal life.”

I want to tell her that this is bullshit. No normal person would invite his Ex to the anniversary.

But this is how high society works actually, full of fuck-ups and dramas. Since mom has absolutely no say in the Ramirez’s family, the

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Marlenny Fernandez
I don’t know why editing previous chapters after they’ve been released, why not making chapters and get over with it. One chapter every other day is kind of frustrating and then a shorter chapter than the last
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Ngaroimata Gee
Eason is dangerous Natalia needs to move out this family it’s just getting to dangerous for her Eason will destroy everybody and everything Natalia gets involved with
goodnovel comment avatar
loving the book any chance for Multiple chapters to be released I read one then I need more

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