Chapter 45: Heroic Behavior

Her sharp green eyes fix on my face. Those eyes are just like Eason’s, but they glint with an icy shine that makes the hair on my arms to stand up.

“Do I know you?” she asks in a sharp tone, as if I’ve already offended her.

I instantly regretted calling her. Hell, why can’t I just keep my mouth shut and quietly walk away?

“Umm…” under her perching gaze, I gulp nervously before saying. “I’m Natalia. Natalia Moore. Maybe you didn’t remember but—”

“Oh,” she raises her brow. “Right, Natalia.”

She studies me, from head to toe, as if she’s examining a livestock. The way she looks at me is so arrogant and condescending that I can’t say I’m not embarrassed at all.

“I’ll bring over your water Ms. Griswold,” I say hastily trying to get her to stop looking.

“Wait,” she raises a hand. “Do you work here?”


“But why?” she leans back squinting at me. “You and your mom don’t really need the money, right? Since…you have Shawn now.”

I instantly understand the implication behind her words

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please update
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Norulhadyah Hidayah
hope the next chapter will be update
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Amanda Wood
What is up with Eason? What is the secret garden and what happened 3 years ago between him and Nat? Does he really love her or is she a pawn to use against his parents?

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