Chapter 58: Back To the House

Mom breaks down in fresh tears again when she sees me. I can’t get her to stop crying. Eventually, Mr. Ramirez comes forward and try to soothe her.

But mom immediately turns against him, “What do you mean everything is OK? This is my only daughter! And your son took her out and injured her on our anniversary party!”

I sit awkwardly on the bed twisting fingers in anxiety and don’t know what to say. I hate that mom is accusing Eason of my injury. She didn’t know that Eason did everything he could to save my ass. But nor can I tell her the truth now…since a man’s life was involved.

Amidst the silence, Ms. Griswold speaks up in an expressionless voice, “My son has nothing to do with this.”

Mom’s face turns an ugly purple. She jumps up like a furious hen trying to project her baby chicks and points a finger at Ms. Griswold, “How dare you! It’s him who took her out and we haven’t even heard a single word of explanation from him yet! How can you be so sure that he’s not involved?”

Ms. Griswo
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goodnovel comment avatar
This stupid chick would probably stand in front of a moving car If he told her to! She is one of the dumbest and weakest characters I have ever read. Man I mean it’s like watching a plane crash into a train it’s horrific but u can’t not watch
goodnovel comment avatar
Tiffany schramm
if nothing had been cleaned up, I'm wondering if the video ha planned to play is somehow gng to still play & she's gng to see it & flip
goodnovel comment avatar
Reyna Cortes
Poor Eason, he will pay back his intent of revenge as soon as Nat knows about it!!

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