Chapter 60: A Huge Step

A key. But a key to what?

Suddenly, an absurd idea flashes across my mind as I gasp, “You are not asking me to move in with you, are you?!!”

He gulps and sits up straighter. I haven’t seen him this nervous before.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m doing,” he smiles awkwardly. “But honestly, this isn’t the reaction I was looking for.”

I sit there still, my mind completely blank.

He is asking me to move in with him? But we are only 18! And, of course, he isn’t like normal students since he has his own house and everything, but regardless, we are still too young to make such huge commitment!

I am the only one to think that moving-in is a huge, huge step for a couple?

Amidst the silence, he leans over and grabs my hands, “OK now you are scaring me a little. You make it seems like that I’m holding a gun to your head and forcing you to jump off a cliff.”

I force out a smile, “been there before.”

“Just tell me your real thoughts. It wouldn’t be the first time you rejected me, and I think I can take the
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Keshia Wimbush
They say what you dnt know won't hurt you
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Keshia Wimbush
Lol I so can't wait for you to see this video either.
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Ladylyn Garcia
Waitung for the next chapter...i spent so much money in this book...

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