Chapter 62: First Home

Hearing his voice, Ms. Dave frowns as a quick look of awkwardness comes into her eyes. I suddenly feel a burst of courage, so I go answer the door before she gives me a permission.

And there he is, standing outside the door and looking at me with a gentle smile on his face.

“You OK?” he asks in a low voice, lifting his hand to touch those scratches on my face. I nod and step aside, making way for him to come in.

Ms. Dave stands up from her seat and says in a cold voice, “Mr. Ramirez, I don’t see why you should come in here. Please wait outside till—”

“Till you blame everything on my sister and get her suspended? I don’t think so.”

He walks directly pass Ms. Dave’s table and takes his seat beside me. He is totally ignoring Valerie. I notice that Valerie’s face is twisting with anger and disbelief, which gives me an immense sense of pleasure.

“Carry on please?” Eason looks round the room.

Ms. Dave takes in a deep breath and sits down with an icy face. She is probably weighing the situat
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Jennifer E. Carpenter
We need more updates on this book quicker
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David Stevens
I agree with Annie Mae
goodnovel comment avatar
Even if she sees it her head will still be up his ass! I’m just waiting to see how oblivious this chick can get!

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