I woke up with another sweat and tears down my face. The only difference from last time was that Asher did not come and comfort me. I sit up and try to calm myself down. I try to do all those breathing exercises that my best friend always tries to get me to do. My breathing began to become shorter and choppier. The back of my throat became so dry so I got up, still trying to calm myself down. I walk outside, my vision still blurry from just waking up so suddenly, and pour myself a cup of water. I gulp it down and it helps my breathing a bit. I walk to the front door and see a guard.

"Can you ask Beta Brody to come here?" I ask through hiccups. He nods silently. He looks like he was blanked into space which let me know he was using a mind link. Minutes later, the door opens and Brody walks in. He looks like he just woke up though.

"Are you okay Mimi?" he asks looking at me.

"N- No." I hiccup. I wrap my hands around his body but he does not reciprocate the gesture.

"Mimi, Asher will not be happy if my scent is on you," Brody says cautiously.

"Well, he is not here to calm me down." I snap back immediately regretting it.

"I am sorry if I woke you up," I whisper.

"It is okay," he says wrapping his hands around me. I try to back away knowing Asher will be so mad at the both of us if he sees us in this position.

"Asher will not be happy," I mumble.

"I will stay here till you fall asleep," he says. We walk back to my room in silence. My breathing was turning back to normal. I wiped the stray tear on my cheeks away and climb into my bed.

"Thank you," I whisper to Brody. He sat on the arm chair in the corner and smiled. I start to drift into sleep but it was interrupted by a very loud crash. My door flung open almost flying off the hinges.

"Why is your fucking scent on my mate?!" His voice booms through my room.

"You idiot! You heard her crying uncontrollably and you do absolutely nothing about it. So, obviously, I am going to do something. I can not just watch her crying her eyes out. She was just about to fall asleep but you dumbass could not wait. Could you? You claim that she is your mate but this is probably the first time she has seen your face today. You are ignoring her and she is probably so confused but you are not giving her any explanation." Brody says obviously mad. Asher's eyes became black letting us know that his wolf was out.

"Stay the fuck away from my mate." his low voice says.

"No. She needs help and you are obviously not giving it to her. She has panic attacks at night and you can not even help her. As her mate, you need to comfort her but you are afraid." he says. Asher's gaze makes its way to my eyes and his features soften but goes black when he looks back at Brody.

"You are not her mate so why are you here?" He says. His low voice got louder. Brody does not look afraid. I do not know why he was trying to protect me. I have only known him for just two days.

"You should actually be thanking me. You would not have to deal with her crying all night while you sit in your room and do nothing."

Am I a burden to them? Maybe I should leave. I am already causing so many problems.

"If you are not going to protect her, then I will," Brody says. it sets Asher's wolf off. he clenched his wrists and before I could even realise what was happening, Asher was already on top of Brody.

"STOP!" I screamed. Asher's first stopped a few centimetres in front of Brody's face. Asher's eyes went back to his sky blue eyes. He looked at me and just realized what he was about to do in front of me. He abruptly left and slammed the door closed. Brody looks at me. He looked very sorry.

"I am sorry." he apologises.

"It is okay. You were just sticking up for me." "Why did you do that though?" I ask.

"You are like a sister to me now. I know that I have known you for just two days but it feels like I have known you for a very long time." I give a light smile to him.

"Whoever your mate is, she is going to be very lucky," I tell him.

He smiles and nods. I lay back down and snuggle into my blanket.

"Goodnight," he whispers.

"Good night," I whisper back and finally fell asleep.



"I wish I could make you mine." The man whispered in my ear. He poked my birth mark with a silver knife. I flinch waiting for the burn. When we were young, our parents taught us to stay away from silver because it is dangerous to our kind. The tip of the blade broke my skin but it did not burn like it was supposed to. it felt like a needle breaking the skin.

"SHE DID NOT EVEN FLINCH," he said throwing the knife at the wall.

"Sir, she is immune. We already know the." an unknown voice said. I have heard the voice before but I have never seen him.

"GET THE MARK OFF HER!" the man in front of me yelled at him. He punched the wall that cost him to put a hole in the wall. He let out a deep growl and stormed out of the cell they kept me in. The mystery man came out from the shadow and picked the silver knife off the ground. he came up to me and dug the knife into my shoulder. I let out a loud painful scream as he dug out a good amount of the chunk of my skin. Blood rolled down my shoulder.

"We will see if it is gone by the time it heals," he mumbles. He uncuffs me from the wall and walks out. He locks the cell and walks out. I wile the blood off my shoulder. It soaks into my torn shirt.


I woke up to someone tapping my shoulder. I gasp and sit up quickly. I look around my room and see Charlotte standing at the side of my bed.

"I am sorry if I started you Miranda." she apologises.

"It is okay," I said steadying my breathing. She walks over to the window and opens the curtains. I saw that it blocked a door that led to a balcony I haven't noticed before.

"Would you like breakfast?" she asked me. I threw the blanket off me and shook my head 'no'

"Can I just have a cup of orange juice?" I ask.

"Of course. I'll get that right away," she says and leaves. I stand up from my bed and stretch. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I walked into the closet and it was filled. There was a note on the mirror hanging from the door.

Enjoy your new clothes.


I ripped it off the mirror and threw it right into the trash. I was still pretty pissed at what happened last night. My wolf disappeared somewhere in the back of my mind. She was really also upset. I walked around and looked at all the clothes that were in the drawers. From formal clothes to comfortable clothes. The clothes were everything. I promise to pay him back. I made a mental note. I grab a pair of sweatpants off the 2nd shelf and a loose shirt. I put my hair up into a messy bun and make my way to the kitchen. I take a seat on the barstool and see a glass of orange juice waiting.

"Thanks, Charlotte." I smile at her.

"You are welcome. If you do not mind Miranda, I need to get to my duties at the pack house. Gamma Jacob should be here soon to watch you." she says cleaning up the rest of the dishes.

"Go ahead. I will be fine." I say getting up from my seat. I hear the front door shut close and I head to the library. I scan the book titles one by one. They were so many books that I did not even know which one to choose. I see a book that interests me.

Mythology: Wolves.

"I have read that twice." I hear a voice say behind me. I let out a loud shriek and jump backwards.

"Woah. Careful there." the voice says grabbing unto my shoulders I focus my gaze on the blonde in front of me. The Gamma.

"I am sorry luna. I did not mean to startle you." the gamma apologizes.

"It is okay and please, call me Miranda. I am not used to the title yet." I nervously chuckle.

"Alright, Miranda. My name is Jacob by the way." he introduces himself. We seat down on the library seats and start talking.

"So, what is your story?" he asks. I take a sip of my orange juice.

"My story?" I was confused.

"Yeah. Like what happened in your life. You actually smell like a rogue." he says sniffing the air. I explain everything from Tyler to now. It was hard to keep my emotions at bay but I did it.

"Wow. You have been through quite a lot Miranda," he says.

"Yeah, a lot," I mumble. it had been one hell of a week.

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Tia Hillewaert
Yeah, I am in the same boat as you. I am also thinking she doesn’t feel the new mate bond because she never accepted the other mate bond. I can’t imagine her old mate not understanding why she did what she did or wait 3 years to reject her.
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Elizabeth Parker
I’m so confused by these flashbacks… I hope it gets to the point of them soon.. also what happened to her little brother after she lied to her first mate about being pregnant to get the money to save him??

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