Mated To The Alpha Stepbrother

Mated To The Alpha Stepbrother

By:  Kainaat  Ongoing
Language: English
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{Warning: R-18, Dark Romance} "Someone, please save me!" "Who are you asking for help, dear?" He smiled, bringing his face closer to mine, sending a wave of terror through me. "Don't do this. I am your sister," I pleaded, my voice trembling. I didn't want to stoop to his level. "No, my dear. You could never be my sister. This is my revenge, and you are my enemy. You will pay for your sins," he growled, freezing me with fear. "Please!" “You think you can hate me just because you discovered you're more powerful? Having two useless wolves inside that shabby body won’t save you, sweetheart.”

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Very different and interesting story, would love to see how the relationship will build up ...
2024-05-02 20:47:20
9 Chapters
Vinorca Jona POV"Wow! Have you heard of it? Alpha Dante is coming back? I heard he recently donated a lot of money to the school. He's so generous and hot," Amy said, eliciting giggles from the others."Damn! You're right. He's incredibly hot and handsome," another girl chimed in.I sat, listening to the students talk about him while filling my stomach with cold water and a single piece of bread."He's back," I whispered to myself. My nightmare was returning after three years. Who knew what would happen while he was here again?The chatter of different voices unsettled me, causing my heart to race inside my chest. My hands began to shake dangerously as a forbidden name reached my ears, curling my toes and coating my body in cold sweat."Vinorca, what are you doing?" Amanda called to me, bringing me back from my thoughts."Nothing, Amanda. I'm eating," I replied, regaining my composure."I can see, but why are you eating this cold stuff?" she asked with concern.A smile formed on my f
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Good Girl
Vinorca Jona POV"How dare you!" he shouted, causing me to jump on the spot.Like, he would surely murder me without even thinking twice.I attempted to take a few more steps to run away from here, to reach a safer place, somewhere better than staying here. But my legs didn't take me anywhere.I needed to run; that's what I knew, but my body and head both went into a state where I couldn't do anything properly."F*uck!!! Vinorca, did you forget what I said last time?" he questioned.I could feel the heat of his words spreading inside my numb body.How could I forget what he said before? I could never forget it, that's for sure. Every day, every night, I remember what happened three years ago.That was the day this monster ruined my peace more than he did ten years ago by adopting me.Three years ago, I was guileless but not gullible.That was my first time rejecting Dante. "One day, you'll beg me." His icy tone spread from his mouth.Those were the words he spoke.After that, he left
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Vinorca Jona POVEven after attempting to deny him and his touch.Butterflies flutter inside my heart whenever he touches me. It ignites a fiery sensation, as if everything within me is ablaze.Despite knowing the immorality of these feelings, I refuse to let myself drown in them. He is my stepbrother, the one who adopted me."I've already spared you for leaving the room before. If you push your luck further, I can't guarantee your safety," Dante warns dominantly.Before he can say anything more, I push him away and hastily flee, without looking back, consumed by anxiety.I reached my room and tightly shut the door. What will happen if he continues to exert control over me like that?I can't seem to control myself; my body responds to him in a language of its own. He is the epitome of passion, an overwhelming force that fills me with anxiety I'd rather not entertain.I undress, discard my clothes onto the floor, and step into the small bathroom attached to my shabby room. A shower is
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Vinorca Jona POV‘You're going to be late for university,’ my conscience interrupts my thoughts, jolting me out of bed.Rushing to the bathroom, I took a quick shower and threw on some old, shabby clothes, grabbing my backpack before darting out of my room. Being late is not an option, not when I'm already a scholarship student; one slip-up could spell disaster.I hurry out of the house, eager to avoid any encounters, especially with Dante and his taunts. His mere presence is enough to throw me off balance, a harbinger of trouble.As I walk briskly, trying to slip away unnoticed, a familiar car pulls up beside me. Damn! Just what I wanted to avoid. Dante had caught me before I could make my escape."Get in," he ordered, rolling down the window.His voice sends shivers down my spine, a mix of fear and apprehension clouding my mind. Why does he want me in his car? What does he want from me now?I try to process his words. Is he really asking me to get in? Wasn't I forbidden from even gr
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Vinorca Jona POV "Why do you work so much? I've never seen you do anything else other than study and work. Don't you feel you should enjoy it too?" Amanda asked, her brow furrowing with concern.I smiled and replied, “I just don't find anything more interesting than working and studying.”The statement was partially true.I had always loved studying and had never found interest in anything else.But when it came to working, I couldn't say the same.It was a necessity, not a passion.I worked to earn a living, and there was no shame in that.Whether supernatural beings or regular humans, many people worked for survival.There was nothing inherently wrong with that."I can never believe that, but surely you are different. You're always doing your best in your studies and working so hard. Your parents must be so proud of you," Amanda remarked, her eyes reflecting admiration.At the mention of my parents, I felt a pinch in my heart. My smile dropped. "I am an orphan.""What?" Amanda aske
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{Follow my IG: Kainaatkitto18}Vinorca Jona POV"Sure," they both said in unison before leaving me alone."What's this all about? I'm friends with both of you. There's no need to fight like this," I chuckled and asked."But this idiot doesn't get it. She always makes me feel like I'm not your friend. Like you're only her friend," Lewis complained, looking like a child."He's right. You only got to meet and be friends with Vinorca because of me. So be grateful," Amanda cursed, rolling her eyes.She had a point. I used to feel awkward around them, but in the three years since, things have improved. We went through high school together and are now in university.Their possessiveness was flattering, but the name-calling to each other was unnecessary."So what? She's closer to me now. And watch your tongue. I'm still older than you. No way you can talk to your big bro like this.""Hahah! Hahah!" I burst out laughing.Whenever Lewis mentioned he was older, I couldn't help but laugh. He didn
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Vinorca Jona POVRing... Ring...My phone rang, but I ignored it. I didn't have anyone important who would call me.Pushing aside my thoughts about the call, I focused on what Lewis was saying.It was my mistake that I hadn't told them anything before. I just didn't want others to pity me, and I didn't even know how my parents had died.What could I possibly say to someone who asked about it?In this university, news spread like wildfire. Despite trusting Amanda and Lewis, I didn't want to involve them to the extent where the truth would bring pain to both them and me."She just isn't comfortable talking, Lewis. It's not about us being friends. We can't force her to discuss matters she doesn't want to. This is a sensitive topic for her," Amanda defends me, understanding the situation.This was precisely why I never wanted to share the details of my parents' death.I had considered telling Amanda and Lewis before, but I was always afraid of their reactions."I'm sorry, Vin. Please don'
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Vinorca Jona POV"Where have you been?" "Dante?" I mumbled, feeling a wave of pain as he pinned me against the wall."Oh! I'm glad you remember my name, but I asked you something. How about giving me an answer?" He spoke, his breath fanning over my face."I was... at the university," I stuttered, uncertain of what he wanted me to say."Is that so? Can I trust this?" He questioned me, his hand shifting from my shoulder to my neck, causing me to gasp in fear as he applied pressure."Yes," I answered, trying to keep my voice steady."Vinorca, do you know what I hate most?"How would I know what he hates most? Still, one thing I know is that he definitely hates me, from the bottom of his heart."Answer me, Vinorca!" He shouted, making me jump to my feet, my whole body shaking in fear."I don't," I immediately replied, without even seeing his face. Even in the dark room, I could tell he was angry, but why? "You made that call, right?" I continued."Let me tell you, I hate it most when you
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Vinorca Jona POV"You wanted me here, so I came," I replied quickly, noticing how attractive he looked in the light. But behind his looks, he's just a manipulator who thrives on my pain without remorse."I never asked you to come at this hour, Bunny. If you want something else from me, just say it. Don't be shy," he said, moving closer, making my whole body shake with his presence."Please," I pleaded, closing my eyes, feeling chills from his minty breath."What, please, bunny? If you don't want to sleep with me, then don't come to my room at this hour. It's risky being alone with a man like me. I have needs too," he said callously.A tear rolled down my cheek as I heard him. Why does he play these games? He invited me, yet now he acts as if I threw myself at him. I'd rather throw myself at a dead body than at him. The years of torture still haunt me, and I can never forget.“Ouch,” I hissed as my butt hit the cold floor, his arms releasing me abruptly."Go!" he ordered sharply. I ran
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