Chap-11*The Sleeping Prince*

Things were bound to change after my family horribly betrayed me. I was poisoned with so much love that I couldn’t even feel the bitterness in the alcohol while chugging it down.

They were aware of my doubt in the loyalty of others, hence they used my desire to be accepted and loved by them against me and disguised as a loving family just to kill my wolf.

I didn’t only lose Nix that night, I was no longer able to carry the title of the Warrior among the powerful creatures because I was not a supernatural creature anymore.

I was a mere flesh and bone creature called a human now, ready to be sacrificed by her family.

I woke up not in my comfortable bed but on a hard ground. The hard light was penetrating my eyelids, shaking me awake at the arrival of the day after the horrible night was passed.

“Uh!” I groaned in pain when moving a muscle, my body was sore. Being just a human was a terrible feeling, I felt weak, and hard to wake up.

I still managed to peel my eyelids open when I smelt the dust particles up in my nostrils. It was the realization that I was not in my room.

Through my sleepy and blurred vision, I saw the outside of the mansion. It was then I acknowledged my siblings have left me at the door for the guards of the Alpha King to collect me. As their existence started to get clear, my body began to shudder. I forced my hands down to push my body up and look around for help.

His guards were marching closer and closer, carrying weapons because they thought I will put up a great fight again.

Maybe they didn’t know I was stripped of all the powers I used to carry once.

I watched them get closer, squaring up and preparing their minds for a fight but I was too weak to even get on my feet and they realized something was wrong with me because one of the guards lunged my way and instantly injected something in me.


What’s sad was that I didn’t feel it. It didn’t give me that tingling burning sensation in my veins anymore. But they thought it worked.

The guard grabbed my arm to pull me up to my feet while the others surrounded me with their weapons. This is the fear I have engraved in their hearts and soon it will be replaced with ridiculing taunts and statements about me. My head turned to the mansion from where I saw my siblings standing on the rooftop and watching all this happen.

I didn’t beg them to come and save me, there was no point. They were the ones that pushed me into this hellhole, of course, they were not going to come to my rescue and even if there was the slightest chance that one of them feels bad for betraying their sister, I will still never beg them.

I was dragged into a car and shoved inside while the guards swiftly started tying me up in silver chains.

Once again, I felt no burning sensation against my skin.

The way those guards were sitting around me attentively was a sign that they were still afraid I would be able to get out of those chains.

At last, they have captured the warrior, the one who fought so hard against the society and hierarchy to rise from the ashes that everybody thought she will be able to bring a change.

But it had all changed now.

The journey was so hard to pass; I didn’t shed a tear because crying in front of his guards would bring my weakness to the surface.

From the tall buildings to the luxury homes, I knew the vehicle has entered the Silver Hunter pack.

The moment they parked the car, one of the guards wearing big black gloves grabbed the chain and pulled me out of the car. I was still wearing my clothes from last night, some baggy jeans and a white top.

My eyes were swollen and my hair was open and dirty. I passed a quick glance around to the pack members, who had nothing but hate and anger in their eyes.

“I say we burn her like a witch,” one of the angry ladies from the crowd shouted and the others cheered her on until a mature-looking lady walked out of the fancy mansion of Alpha King Aramis.

“Easy!” she had a blue knee-length a-line dress on, and her hair was curled perfectly. I don’t know who she was because I have studied and heard from Tanner that his parents died when the brothers were kids.

“She has been brought here to avenge the death of our beloved Royal Beta Tanner. She will be put to justice but her punishment is not going to be sudden death, it will be an endless cycle of pain and suffering,” she stated, watching them all nod their heads at her. I was standing on the road with the guards around me to keep the pack members safe from my claws.

And then I saw him walking out with his guards, wearing a black suit and looking taller and broader than every member of the pack.

Even when his guards have stopped with the lady, he continued until he had reached me.

“Phoenix Hart!” he narrowed his deep blue eyes in mine and pronounced my name in his heavy, deep voice.

“You will stay here in the same mansion where he thought to bring you after the mating ceremony. You will stay here as his widow mate for the rest of your miserable life. You will stay here with no justice ever brought to you even if you are mistreated like a trashy slave. You will stay here and suffer at the hands of everyone and dare you to try to defend yourself, your punishment will be maximized,” he had no mercy in his eyes when he said those words under his breath. His people had gone silent, afraid of getting his attention when his wolf was peeking through his eyes.

“Take her and shove her in his room, that’s where she will be at from now on,” He straightened his back and towered over me, gesturing the guards to take me out of his sight and to my prison.

They started pulling me through the beautiful décor and all glass-walled hallways. I couldn’t focus much on the layout of the mansion even when I have been taught to observe my surroundings whenever I am in trouble.

They took me to Tanner’s room on the second floor. This was my punishment, I will get to live in the room of my dead mate and suffer thinking I am the reason he ended his life.

Only if life was that simple and Alpha King Aramis was not insane, that was my only punishment.

But the reality was different. They opened the door and shoved me inside the room. There was no need for the lights because the room consisted of a glass partition wall to the terrace from where the light was illuminating the room.

I wish it had stopped there but it didn’t. When I turned around my eyes caught the sight so horrifying that I couldn’t even blink my eyes.

There was a glass coffin in the middle of the room where once his bed used to be and in that coffin lied my dead mate Tanner.

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