Chapter Twenty Five: Hope, The Last Thing Ever Lost

An inspiring quote once said, 'when we think that all is really lost, when all is dire and just bleak, there is another hope rising again'.

"I'm so worried here! Stop acting like a child for once! Your grandfather died and everyone thought it was you. But, there are still some people like me and Sebastian who believe in you. So, please. Please. Talk to us. ." Yet, even with that outburst from his wife, Dionysus still acted like insanity had consumed him. Zoey could only sob again.

Sebastian sighed. "He's in shock, Zoey. The least we could do for him right now is to leave here and understand all of this little by little." Zoey's shoulders sagged.

"How are we going to do that?" Zoey asked in a small voice after she had finally calmed down, before wiping her tears at the same time.

"If you trust Dio, you should trust me as well. Do you trust him? Because all he has right now is us." Zoey looked back at Dionysus and her heart broke even more at the sight of her husband looking so lo

Hi, beautiful people! If you are currently reading this right now, it only means one thing. You have gone this far and by reaching this far, crossing off the first quarter of this book matters a lot to me. Thank you for sticking together with me right until here. I really hope you had fallen in love with Zoey and Dionysus as much as I had fallen in love with them, too. And, if you still haven't grown to like them, it's alright. I would like to hear your thoughts about it. Any kind of feedback would surely be appreciated. I know I will learn a thing or two. That's all. Please, have a great day ahead! Sincerely, Clovervanessa

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