Chapter Fifty Seven: When A Mafia Lord Gets Jealous II

Courting a girl 101 guide number six: Show her that you're jealous of other man.

"Zamantha Rane Lavigne. You're being summoned to the dean's office." The speakers on the four corners of the room boomed loudly, compelling the subject professor to stop talking in front of her students.

Every single one of Zamantha's classmates and block mates all looked over her. She was seated at the lowermost part of the elevated desks so everyone instantaneously spotted her. Haze nudged Zamantha on the elbow when the former noticed that Zamantha was too preoccupied on solving the statistics problem on her own notebook, absolutely unaware of the announcement on the speakers.

"Zam. Hey, you're needed at the dean's office. Didn't you hear?"

Zamantha blinked and looked around. She turned towards their Statistics professor. The professor nodded at Zamantha. "You can go, Ms. Lavigne. I'll email the homework for today so you don't need to worry about it."

"But, miss. Am I in trouble?" Zamantha gulped as
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