The challenge

Adina’s POV

The enemies in front of Adina parted to let a tall woman through. She was slender and had short midnight black hair and brown eyes that was filled with hatred and loathing.

“Diedre, I presume,” Adina smirked.

“Adina, cousin,” the woman smiled. But Adina could tell that she wasn’t pleased that Adina had known her name.

“It’s time to stop this, Diedre. You will never have my title and you most definitely won’t have my powers,” Adina said.

“Why would we stop when we are winning?” Diedre asked. Adina laughed, but it was a laugh void of all amusement.

“You are more delusional than I thought, cousin. Let’s stop this unnecessary killing and part ways,” Adina said.

“I’m not the one with a mate that is more dead than alive,” Dierdre smirked.

Both Colin and Adina growled at her.

“You may not be, but you are the one with a fast-depleting army. Do you think these are the only warriors that will fight in my name? Magical creatures from around the world is standing by to send us backup.
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