Chapter 154

"I guess that's a long story to tell, Mr Scott. How about you can continue the storytelling on our way to New York?" It sounded a bit harsh but kneeling everything about what happened to him is our less priority.

Our stay in San Francisco had already taken long enough compared to what we planned which is on our second day, we must be travelling back to New York with or without Scott Mccall so we could plan our next move against Victor and his wolves.

"And for the record, Mr Scott, we are gonna use the car to get to New York, not with the use of our werewolf barefoot. We don't want you to use and drain all your werewolf strength before reaching the city." Ghino added.

"Okay. Just give me a sec. I need to talk to Aria first." Perhaps Scott was referring to the female alpha. Then, he shifted back to his human form and slid to the corner where the female alpha is.

I slid closer to Ghino to discuss about the next plan since we already have Scott with us. Sadly, before I could even step
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