The Funeral

I woke up to the loud mourning howls that normally represented the death of a wolf. Just like that, everything surrounding Eve's death came back and I stood from the empty bed and walked to the window. There was nothing to see, since the ho use was secluded, and I just stood there, gazing off to nothing in particular.

"Will you be okay?" Austin suddenly asked from behind me and I snapped out of it and turned to me. He was wearing a black suit, with his hair pulled back in a messy, slightly loose man bun.

"I will. At least, I will hold on till Catherine and Lily pay."

He nodded and walked to me. "I ran a pretty bath for you in the other room. Complete with candles and petals. It might make you feel better."

I managed a smile and nodded as he patted my hair. I made my way towards the other room and went straight to the bath. He had even kept a robe and a smaller towel for my hair and I just went into the bath.

The event of lavender hit my nose and I sighed, a little happily, and still
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