If you want her, you shall get her

"Boss, the report you asked for yesterday"  a man dressed in a neat and corporate suit dropped a white envelope on Davis' table.

"Thank you Alex" Davis replied in a casual tone, he took the envelope at his front and stared at it before staring back at Alex who was still standing at the front of him like an unmoving statue. "Is this all I need to know about her?" He asked again just to confirm.

Alex nodded in nothing but pure assurance and Davis smiled slowly. "You can go" he ordered and Alex could only just do as he was told.

Davis sighed and began opening the envelope. Since yesterday when the news about how that girl had humiliated him publicly, the media refused to allow him to rest, his company kept getting calls, reporters had surrounded the company since yesterday, asking questions and causing all these tantrums. Over twenty bodyguards or more had to join hands to drive them out.

Yesterday when Davis had got home, his father was waiting for him and just as he had expected, his father had started asking him questions about the matter and not just his father but his step mother too. That woman had always loathed him right from when he was little, from the moment his mom died and his father brought her home, Davis knew that Stephanie had always loathed him with passion and was looking for a way to eliminate him so that her son, Joseph, could step into the CEO position.

Last night was the best time for Stephanie to meddle into the company affairs and she had gone abroad by mentioning Joseph's name in the matter. Joseph McClure was just twenty five years old who just graduated from university of Texas at Austin in Texas ofcourse. He was a kind of guy who wasn't interested in the company stuff, he never wanted to be a CEO but a rockstar which his mother found as 'useless' but Davis had always wanted to be the CEO right from when she was small. When he was still a kid, he had always admire how strong his father was, how strict his father handles the business and those times, he remembered discussing with his mother about wanting to be a CEO and his mother had always supported him so now that he is who he had promised his mother that he wanted to be, he was going to maintain it at all cost.. "All cost".

When he finally opened the envelope, what welcomed him was the pictures of the girl. She still had those curves that had attracted him right from the moment he saw her, he shook the thoughts off from his head as he took the documents that were attached to it.

It says that her name was Stella Carpenter, lives with her mother and her Junior brother and also has a boyfriend whose name was Charles Gonzalez. Davis didn't know why he rolled his eyes at that part, he even went as far by comparing his age and wealth with Charles. 

Charles is twenty seven years old and works as an employee in a big company but he is twenty eight, a year older and... He checked their pictures, wait he is even more handsome than him plus he has his own big technology investing company, he is a CEO on his own so yes he's better than that so called "boyfriend" of hers.

Davis shook his head as he went through the last detail, she works as a waitress in the famous Landon bar which was where he had met her in the first place so in short, she was a nobody and she had actually dared to touch him.

"Alex!" Davis called out and almost immediately Alex rushed in.

"Boss?" He replied, looking like he was ready to do anything that his boss wanted from him.

"Alex, I want you to talk to the owner of Landon bar for me" he said.



Bad mood was how Stella had been since yesterday. When Charles left her at the restaurant, she had tried calling him but he didn't pick. Last night she cried herself to sleep, not bothering about the fact that she was going to start having headaches the next day.

Even during work, Stella still wasn't herself,she didn't talk to Arya or her brother, she just kept taking orders in a sullen state. Now it was already eleven o'clock which was time for her to close. That's right, despite her fight with Charles she's still working the night shift because she must reach her aim no matter what, she must get the money to raise money for her brother and to avoid silly questions from her mother and most especially her brother.

"And here's your pay for this night" Landon handed some money to Stella.

Great, just one more night and the money to send her brother to school would be complete.

"Make sure you come the next evening, you've done so well today and I'll gladly pay you triple" she heard him say and she could only just nod.

The one thing that he didn't know was that after tomorrow night, she won't be coming again but if only Stella would know what will happen to her tomorrow night. Poor Stella.

"Goodnight boss, I'll get going now" she bowed one last time before leaving the bar with Arya.

Landon did nothing other than watch her leave, a shallow smile appeared on his face as he reminisced about earlier.

Earlier, while working he had received a phone call from an unknown number, picking it up, he found out that the person he was speaking to was none other than Davis McClure. Of Course Landon was surprised that Davis McClure had called him to ask for something today, whatever it was that he wanted, it must be so important right?

David McClure had said, "That girl, Stella Carpenter. I want her"

At first Landon had refused him but when Davis promised to give him a huge sum of money, he had gone ahead and agreed.

"If you want her, you shall get her".

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