Chapter 36

"Oh my God." I heard Zoe rush into the room, coming to kneel beside me. "Are you okay?" I close my eyes, letting out short heavy pants.

"Here, here. Let's get you back to bed." As gently as she could, Zoe helped me off the ground, and back to the bed. I placed my palm on my head, letting out a small whimper.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm... I'm... I need something, aspirin, maybe, just anything." I could barely talk due to so much pain around my body and head, damn that alpha!

"Aspirin? Bella, they don't work on us?"

"Just get it!!" I yelled, feeling frustrated by her questions. I was completely out of temper, my blood boiling in rage, my fingers began to itch and I knew exactly what that means. I took my hands to my neck, gasping in shock when I didn't feel that metal shackle around my neck anymore. "Shit, where is it?" I needed something to calm me down, to calm her down.

"Where is what?" Zoe asked, looking quite confused.

"Just go, get the aspirin!!" I groaned out in pain, feeling a tingle
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