16. Discovery

I rose from my seat and headed in the direction of the slave quarters, before I could completely exit the room I cut a last look at to Zoe and paused in my steps.

“Do you know where Freya is Zoe?” I asked, just to be sure.

“No I don’t Master.”

“You know that if I find any fishy game has happened and you happen to be be involved with it, there will be hell to pay. You know that right?”

She sniffed and kept her head bowed but otherwise remained silent. I grabbed her chin between my fingers and pressed hard on it. She whimpered at the pain but I kept at it, pressing even harder until she finally let out a cry.

“I expect an answer when I ask you a question Zoe.” I said, letting go of you her chin.

“Yes Master.” She whimpered pitifully and I hummed in satisfaction completely exiting the dinning room and making my way to the quarters.

I could hear the maids whisper as I went but I couldn’t be bothered about anything they had to say.

The moment I pushed open the door that belonged to
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goodnovel comment avatar
Jeeze. Some Alpha. Took him long enough to figure it out. How much goes on right in front of his face that he ignores?

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