" I am over here." I ordered gaining her attention.

" Yes. I can see that. You are looking well. Better than the last time I saw you." She says.

" Yeah. I'm not writhing in pain this time. But that's not why we're here. It's to discuss that obviously rediculous plan to take Axel in place of removing that shield from the house." I say.

" It wasn't reculous. It's what I wanted. And you made damn sure to stall those plans. My elders have told me that your mate customs don't apply to us so that's why I decided to come here. I'm taking him with me." She says.

" No. You're not. And our mate customs apply to everyone. If you try to take a wolf from it's mate then all hell will rain down on you and whatever coven you belong to. And if you know anything about me, you know that I will find out whatever that coven is." I say.

" We know exactly who you are. But we had a deal and no one breaks a deal with a witch." She says. And then I heard some noise outside. And the witch and I were st
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