Chapter 103 – Not the Alpha King’s fated mate

Sebastian’s POV

What the fuck did she think she was doing?!

Sebastian had just enough of Emily and her bullshit. Now she was standing in front of the media and spreading even more lies. Both Sebastian and Emily knew they weren’t mates. Maybe at one point, when they were young, Sebastian would have chosen her as a mate. But they never reached that point before she left him. Once she disappeared, he decided she wasn’t worth it. Even now that she’s returned, he still doesn’t want her as a mate.

After everything she’s done since she returned, lying about her illness, lying to Hannah about her pregnancy, being rude and nasty to Hannah for no reason, and framing Hannah for stealing the scepter. Sebastian had no interest in Emily, and he wanted her gone. He thought he made that perfectly clear to her the last time he went to visit her at the hospital. He had told her to stay away from both him and Hannah and that he was done with her. But she returned and was makin
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Jennie Casauay
This is good novel.
goodnovel comment avatar
Moreen Narayan
His the Alpha King. He has the power to put the stop to all. Wtf..Kill Emily
goodnovel comment avatar
Holly Poe
I’m ready for Emily to be taken care of and for all of this shit to be put to rest. I feel like Henry is working with Emily

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