The corners of my lips rose as I surveyed my finished plate. It turned out pretty well, huh? Dad absolutely knows everything he does and if he happened to see this, he's going to be proud of me once more.

I glanced down at Ricky and Johnny's doing. My mouth turned into an amused smirk, seeing that they were pretty worn out now. Whereas earlier, they had almost nothing to do in front of their desks other than making a noise and talking about the club they were planning to go to later. Ricky's head is pushed down to the table while his hand is holding a pencil. On the other hand, Johnny is still making a fuss ever since he saw that I was near the end line.

Johnny snorted. "Dude, you're no fair. This is the very first time you finished before us. No sweats and I am fucking tired."

I laughed. "You're at fault. If you only take your studies seriously, you might not be cramming over a plate, unfortunately, from Mr. Wilson." I shrugged, well I am not being too arroga
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