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"Did I hear you correctly? Why would you give me the Alpha title?" I asked Manuel, feeling utterly shocked.

How could he even suggest such a thing? First off, I'm a woman. I've never heard of a woman becoming Alpha even if she's the firstborn of an Alpha. Mostly, she would marry a Beta then he would become Alpha while she becomes a Luna.

Secondly, how can I just take over the pack when they know Manuel as their Alpha? I mean, they don't know me, why would they accept me?

Thirdly, I had zero leadership skills. I did train to become a beta but an Alpha has far more responsibilities than anyone in the pack. It has always been a man’s job that’s why Adrian stopped me from shifting to please his ego. I don't think I was cut out for it-

My self-doubting thoughts were cut off by Manuel's soft lips. He kissed me sizzlingly, slipping his tongue into my mouth and sucking on my lips.

Intense tingles rushed through me like a tidal wave, eliciting a needy moan from me.

Goddess, I l

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