66~ I miss you


“Alpha! Alpha!”

“Wake up Alpha!”

Loud voices echoed around me just as a splitting pain hit the back of my head, making my eyes flutter open. Frowning, I squinted my eyes trying to gain my bearings and figure out where the hell I was and why these fuckers are screaming at me like world war III had begun.

But it was their next words that made me jerk up in a panic, only for the seatbelt to tug me back into my seat.

“Alpha, the Alpha of Alphas is gone!”

Fuck. I heard a ringing in my head, and turning my head to the passenger’s seat, I found it empty with the door wide open.

I felt like my world had turned upside down. I lost her… after promising her I would be there for her, I let her get taken again. I failed to protect her… again.

My heart pounded violently in my chest as I kicked the door open, removed the seatbelt, and jumped out.

“What happened?” I asked my men who were looking at me in fear.

“W-we don’t know… your car suddenly went off course and by the time

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Kevin Terry
come on now let's get to it
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Guy Dubreuil
Is there a continuation of this book

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