What a day. If I had been counting on having a quiet first day, I was very wrong. First fighting that annoying guy, Ryan, I think, was his name. Then after I got home, I showered and decided to go for a walk, I had graduated early, so I didn’t have school I needed to attend.

When I was walking around checking out our new pack, I visited my grandparents. We met them yesterday, too, after the meeting with Alpha Logan. But they were happy to see me again. She told me I looked like my mom, except I looked stronger and more capable of protecting myself. They liked that. After talking, I told them about how I always enjoyed being around kids. And that singing was something I loved, as I could easier express myself more that way.

My grandma told me I should try to go look at the kindergarten that is right next to the packhouse. She said that the adults looking after the kids there always looked for more to help out. So I decided to go and

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Michelle Lynn Kennedy Welch
I hope so to. I really like this book.
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Derena Marie
her last 2 books I read were steady.
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tina preston
i hope your an author that updates on regular basis. nothing worst then waiting for stuff especially when you have paid

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