… Elena pov...

I stumbled into my room, still reeling from the near-fainting spell that had overtaken me while using my dark magic. I collapsed onto my bed, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

As I lay there, a thought occurred to me, I had been using my magic much lately. Every night I practiced my dark magic and I was always using dark magic to increase the proficiency of my werewolf senses.

I had been on my toes ever since the day I was attacked in the mall. I had no idea who was after me and for what reason. I had also used it to torment Rowland these days. Couples with the little handy things I used to do.

The scene of Rowland and in the garden and Rowland telling me the story of the flower that blooms when whispered to. The feeling of Rowland being that flower and the use of dark magic to make the flower blossom. I chuckled as I remembered Rowland's stunned expression that day.

A smile spread across my face as all those scenes flashed before my eyes. The handsome Al
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