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"Have you every felt like giving up? But yet your body chooses to keep on fighting?" Elena Fredrick, a full born werewolf was sold into slavery by her parents, solely because they felt she was useless since she was a female child. The day she was sold became her days of sorrows and pains, the once lovely and quiet Elena now had to fight in order to survive. She was sold to the Alpha of their pack, a ruthless Alpha who had no sympathy for humanity. Alpha Rowland treated her as though she was an animal, he found joy in abusing her sexually. A day came when Alpha Rowland placed Elena's head on a golden platter, she was literally between life and death. Elena made a bet because she couldn't watch herself get killed for nothing. Alpha Rowland was to fight with the strongest warrior in his pack. At last Alpha Rowland won, in the eyes of every of his pack members, he stabbed Elena directly into her heart. But before she died, she promised Alpha Rowland that she was going to avenge her death. The same vengeance goes to her parents who sold her. "I'll come back for you all," Those were the words she said before she died. Elena's body was thrown into the forest, to be eaten by vultures. How possible was it for Elena to return? Did the moon goddess gave her a second chance at life? Would she be able to get revenge towards the people who murdered her? Watch out for this master piece.

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Christine Owings
103 chapters 7/2/23
2023-07-03 04:12:20
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Alvin Sam
enjoyed it so far keep posting please. it's kinda different from most books with similar niches and same stories.
2023-04-24 02:21:13
101 Chapters
ELENA’S POVThere wasn’t much I enjoyed growing up. Being a werewolf in the pack with a low social status was a worse fate than death itself.My parents were constantly fighting over every insignificant matter and it soon became their daily routine. My brother was forced to become a pickpocket and the worse part was that he liked it. He enjoyed it. He took our little brother under his wing and trained him to be just as good as he was in what was slowly becoming the family craft.I did my best to hold everything together but there was so much I could do before it all went to the gutter.The clincher came one afternoon when I got home from the market to find my parents in the living room with a strange man. With the way he was dressed and the way he smelled, it was easy to decipher he was a slaver.“What’s going on here?” I asked clutching the grocery bag so tight that my knuckles turned white. I knew what was going on. It was obvious in their faces and my wolf warned me of the danger I
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ALPHA ROWLAND'S POVI woke up feeling better than I had felt in a long time. I enjoyed laying with the new girl despite her stubbornness. She had been a virgin just as promised.I stretched out and yawned. I was spent completely from our vigorous lovemaking. I needed food badly in my system. It was the first time I had exhausted myself completely with a woman and that was because I enjoyed her too much.One of the maids brought in a tray for me. Inside was one of my favorite dishes and I ate the whole thing within minutes and requested more. This never happens and the maid was surprised by my request.After replenishing part of my lost strength with food, I left the room for some hours of training in the pits. The smell of the dust, sweat, and blood mixed with the sound of swords clashing was as therapeutic to my soul as any healer’s herb.I thrived in that environment and soon enough, I was starting to feel like myself once again. The exhaustion was gone completely by the time I drop
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ANNE: THE SORCERER’S POV“This one’s fresh. Just how you like em’.” Harold said with his gold tooth shining like a medallion.He was a greedy bastard and the smile he gave me lasted on his face because he had been stupid enough to assure himself I was going to fall for his lame-ass tricks.“Let’s see it then,” I said keeping my face expressionless.He waved a hand that was big enough to smash a newborn into smidderins. I followed behind him as he walked into the storeroom which smelled worse than his breath.He stood aside and pointed to the table in the corner. I walked to the table and saw the dead woman. She was the exact body size and weight I had been searching for. Her dark hair was long and silky and there was an ugly wound at her chest just where her heart ought to be. I didn’t need to check to know if her heart had been damaged by whatever it was that had killed her.“The heart is damaged,” I muttered to myself.“What was that?” Harold yelled.I repeated what I had said much
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ELENA'S POV I stayed in front of the mirror longer than I should have. The face I saw was completely different from the one I remembered. Not just the face but everything else had changed. The breasts I had before were small and perky but the ones I had now were heavy and full.My hair was no longer dark but brown and short. My eyes were now a lighter shade of brown; almost red.Everything about my physical appearance was different but I was the same girl I had once been. I touched my chest remembering how Alpha Rowland had stabbed me through my heart. There was nothing there now but it felt like I could feel the pain still fresh.I was going to make sure I carried out my revenge even if was the last thing I did. Death had tried to stop me once and failed. I wouldn't let it happen a second time.A woman was crouching not far from where I stood. Her breath came out in ragged gasps. She looked like she was going to fall over. I moved to her to assist her but she held out a hand to sto
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ALPHA ROWLAND’S POV“Selena, that’s enough,” I said in a calm tone even though I was fuming inside.Her mouth kept on moving as if she hadn’t heard me just now. She was talking too fast for me to understand what exactly she was yapping about.“I said it’s enough!” I yelled. “Damn.”She stopped talking immediately and stared at me in shock. I hardly exploded in front of her so she wasn’t used to seeing that side of me even though she easily brought it out.“I just wanted you to know how much I love you. It’s so much that I think I might die without you. I jus-““Stop it. That's enough of that.” I cut in.She froze and gasped at me. Selena had been my mistress for a while now and apart from her mouth and selfishness, she was as perfect as they came.She walked up to me and slid her hand down my crotch. I got hard immediately from her touch but I had to protest. It wasn’t the right time.“It’s always the right time.” She said with a sly grin.Selena was the most seductive creature I’d ev
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…Elena pov…I woke up early this morning, feeling a mix of anger and determination as I prepared for my first day back at work as a maid for Rowland. He is an alpha, and a powerful one at that. And unfortunately, I am also his mate. But that does not prevent me from fulfilling my objective, getting my revenge both for myself and for the mother of this body, Freya. I have returned to this job with one goal in mind: to have my revenge.I am having a hard time adapting to this new body. Freya, the former owner of this body, has sexy curves that drew the attention of men and the tight clothing I wore made them very obvious. I faced the mirror looking at my new face as I dressed my hair. I was accustomed to my long dark hair that I allowed to fall across my shoulders. I combed my brand of hair slowly and dressed it to the side. Perfect, I think it's better like this. I slipped into a blue gown that stopped at my thighs. My dressing is simple.I added a very light makeup and stepped out
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Turning back it was Alpha Rowland standing behind me. I jolted up and bowed my head."I didn't mean to startle you", he began.Err… okay i said as I get his finger lifting my jaw higher. I stepped back a little as I saw some maid passing. This was embarrassing I have never been in such a position with a man before. He beamed a smile at me. "Freya can you go clear the dishes in my office", he said. Alright I walked past him heading from the room. What is he trying to do? I muttered. I could see the feeling of want I his eyes when he looked at me. Want? Does he wants me? I walked into his office my flat shoes made little clicking noises against the marble floor. Rowland's mistress was not in sight I reached for thd glass plate on the mahogany table, but as I picked it up, it slipped from my hand and shattered on the ground. I bent to pick up the scattered glass.Ouch! suddenly one of the glass shards digged into the little finger if my left hand. Droplets of blood fall on the marble
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Why act nice?
"Oh no you have been fed with lies against your own mate I began, I started sulking. It's true I go there but it is nothing of the sort. Alpha Rowland and I are friends who discuss business matters. Now you know you believe others over your own mate", I shifted away from him pretending to be sad."I am really sorry I believe you", he said and I smiled at him."What a fool, " I thought.Henry talks about his recent work project and then I tell him about my recent promotion. We talk and laugh for hours, catching up on all the things we missed during the time we were apart.As the night wears on, I start to feel my eyelids drooping. I realize that I've been here for hours, and I'm more than a little tired."Why don't we go to the room and cuddle each other," I said as I stood up to pull him up.Oh right he smiled as he held my waist and led me to his room.The room opened to a cozy and beautiful master room with a four poster bed.I pushed him on the bed and lay on his chest as I kissed
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Dark magic
Once inside, I locked the door and let out a deep breath. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I thought about calling the police, but I knew that my powers would make it hard to explain. So I decided to keep it to myself and try to move on.But, I couldn't shake off the feeling of shock. I was almost raped, I really had to be more careful from now on and be more aware of my surroundings. I felt my hand tremble and I felt grateful for my powers and I knew that they had saved me.Speaking of powers I haven't been able to fully harness my powers apart from a little spell tricks and astral projection I had nothing of fighting powers. Maybe I should pay her a visit, I thought.Freya's mother's friend, the one who I met when I was reborn. She had briefly taught me some magic but I had a hard time controlling it.Taking out the package dresses that Alpha Rowland had bought for me I smiled like a little baby girl that was given candy. The two dresses and blue blouse were really beautif
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"You will be okay, don't you worry?"I said, breathing heavily. I pulled my hands away as I half ram half walked out of his office deciding I wouldn't use that spell on him again.Another time, I cast a spell on his food that would make him feel ill and weak. He would often complain of stomach pains and fatigue, but no one could figure out what was causing it. Normal poisons wouldn't work on him so know one would suspect that his food was poisoned and he didn't disclose it, although I knew that he was hiding his discomfort, and it gave me a sense of power knowing that I was causing him harm.As the days passed, I could see the toll my dark magic was taking on him. He was becoming more and more paranoid, always looking over his shoulder, and he was losing weight from the sickness spells. I was filled with a sense of satisfaction knowing that I was causing him pain, but deep down, I felt that I shouldn't do this to him. But why? I knew why though, he was my mate. One night, as I was abo
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