A Blood-Like Rain (All the Hounds of Hell #2)

A Blood-Like Rain (All the Hounds of Hell #2)

By:  Lyv Aiken  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kaden Devon is the Hellhound, the Alpha of the legendary Blakemore pack. He holds one of the biggest army in the werewolf world, but nothing prepares him for the challenges that will come in the shape of a mate. Elaeya, is a hybrid who has run away from all supernatural beings of this world, but everything is turned upside down when she is offered the position of Luna. All her secrets threaten to be revealed, as events that will reshape the entire world are underway.

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80 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Minimum Amount of Efforts
— Kaden —  I was sitting on the stone wall that surrounded the barracks with Sam, drinking beer and trying to stay away from the office for a while.The day was beautiful. The sun was bright, but there were enough clouds to diffuse its intensity without darkening the sky. It was warm, but not too humid, and the breeze made training more comfortable.
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Chapter 2 - The Length of a Few Heartbeats
— Kaden — I came out of the plane two hours ago, and was already through with the meeting. It hadn’t been that complicated. Nubinero had refused all our demands. This was the last minute-ditch effort to end things peacefully but their forces and mine were already in position for battle. Weeks of back and forth. I wasn’t that invested in the matter, but a few of my allies were, so I did them the curtesy of indulging them a bit.
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Chapter 3 - What If It's a Trap?
— Kaden — I began to panic.We were heading to battle, but I smelled my mate. I smelled my mate!I tried to track the direction the smell came from but the it was so faint I could hardly notice it. I moved in circles half in a daze. I found a line, a line she must have been traveling, but I couldn’t tell which way she came from and which way she was going. And I tried to sniff both ways to see which seemed the strongest, the freshest.Sam noticed my change in behaviour and got closer. When I noticed him, I raised my hand to make him stop. I was afraid his sheer presence would make me lose her scent.It wasn’t completely irrational either as my own scent on her tracks was enough to nearly destroy what little clue I had.I went in further.I followed one side of the track all the way to a small stream, then I lost her. I checked all over, on the other side, everywhere. The track ended here. My best guess was she walked in the stream for a while, the water masking her scent.I didn’t rea
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Chapter 4 - Until Dawn
— Kaden —  I took a careful step in her direction.She didn’t try to stop me this time.I took another step, then another.I could see she was hesitant, s
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Chapter 5 - I'm Only a Man
— Kaden —  Fuuuuuuuuuck!The battle was already underway. I was supposed to lead this. I started this. And there was a girl ready to bolt, right there in the middle of the woods, and I couldn’t do shit.Dawn.
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Chapter 6 - The Colour of Frozen Raspberries
— Kaden —  “What the hell has gone into you?” asked Ylva behind me.I felt her foot land somewhere on my buttocks. Everyone around us cleared up. There aren’t many people who’d dare kick my ass, literally, without expecting severe retaliation. No one wanted
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Chapter 7 - The Path That Was Laid For Me
— Elaeya — I was walking back towards camp with a complete stranger in tow. I didn’t know who he was, nor what he wanted, all that I knew is that I consented to this. Again. Twice in so few hours, I did something I would not have expected of myself.I took slow deep breaths opening slowly my senses and instincts—fust not open enough to face the kind of uncontrollable urges I have felt when first we met.
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Chapter 8 - Into the Abyss of the Unknown
— Elaeya —  Mother would be able to track me with my blood, no matter how far I’d be. My parents could track his phone, it should be safe.Yet, these facts didn’t lessen the tension in my body. I had never willingly stayed away from my family for more than a day. I knew of no safer place.
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Chapter 9 - The Wilder Elements of Our Kin
— Kaden —  The other bedroom also had an en-suite bathroom, which was convenient, so I used it, careful to wash all remnants of blood from my scent. Sam had brought my luggage up, so I changed and went down.I smelled the food first. There were a couple of domestic cooking—p
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Chapter 10 - All the Way to Your Soul
— Elaeya — I got up in the afternoon. The sky was still grey, and it was hard to tell the time of the day.There was tension in the air I could not originate. I knew I would not be able to sleep much longer, so I got up. I could hear a voice booming from below, muffled by various walls
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