A Wolf In Sheep's Skin

Rosita was in the kitchen having some water when Nichole stepped in with a pretentious smile.

" Rosie.." she called

Rosita turned and smiled, welcoming her warmly, not knowing her true intentions.

Nichole : Mmm...Rosie, 

She held her hands pretending to regret accepting Mad. Flora's proposal and coming over. 

" I'm sorry for everything I have put you through.  I didn't know Clifford was married. It's never my intention to destroy such a beautiful and happy family."

Rosita : It's not your fault Nichole, I understand mum and I also know it wasn't your intention.

Nichole : Thank you Rosie.., so can we be friends? 

Rosita (smiling) : Sure dear.

Nichole : Thank you Rosie

She hugged her and gave a mischievous smile, 

"You will never know what hit you Rosie" She said to herself.

They break from their hug and smiled at each other.

Nichole (smiling) : I will go now Rosie but how about I come by tomorrow so that we go for shopping for the baby? 

Rosita (smiling) : Wow Nichole, I will really appreciate that. Thank you.

"Then see you tomorrow" Nichole replied smiling.

Nichole managed to gain Rosita's trust. 


Suddenly, Clifford looked around and noticed Rosita and Nichole's absence. He got startled and asked Vanessa who was sitting next to him.

"Vanessa, have you seen Rosita and Nichole?"

"I think Rosie went to the kitchen but I don't know of Nichole." She replied.

" Okay, I will go and check the kitchen if they are both there." He replied.

Clifford moved towards the kitchen feeling uncomfortable and hoping not to meet Nichole together with his wife.  Just mid way, he saw Nichole coming from the kitchen.  She looked seductively at him with a devilish smile on her face.  She tried walking pass Clifford but he held her back.

" What are you scheming?" He asked

She smiled mischievously and stirred at him.  Just then, Clifford saw his wife approaching and let go off  Nichole's hand.  Rosita on seeing her husband, called out to him.

" oh sweetheart, you are here" 

" yes dear, the family want to take their leave and I couldn't find you in the living room so I came here to search for you." He replied

" oh okay, am here now. Let's go and see them off." she smiled.

He held his wife and they both left to the living room. 

Lian : Cliff and Rosie, I guess we will be living now. It's getting late, mum have to rest and so do you. It's been a long day for us all.

Clifford and Rosita smiled and nodded in agreement.  They bid their farewells and escorted them to the car.  Clifford kept keen eyes on Nichole as they set to leave. Nichole noticed and smiled.

Clifford and his wife returned to the house. She hugged and kissed her husband.

" I'm so happy today and I missed our home too. I'm glad to be back and this time with a good news " said Rosita

Clifford smiled and hugged his wife more.

" And I missed you too Rosie. Now, go and freshen up whiles I get you something to eat." 

"Okay Sweetheart."    Rosita replied and left to the washroom.

Clifford sat on the sofa with the words of Nichole echoing in his mind. He looked worried and exhausted.

" What is she scheming?" He wondered to himself.


The car pulled up in front of the mansion and Lian helped his mum and Nichole out.  

"We will leave now mum" said Lian to his mother.

"Okay sweetheart, take care and drive safely." replied Mad.Flora to his son.

The workers came to welcome them on noticing their arrival.

"Welcome back ma'am"

"Thank you." Mad.Flora and Nichole replied

They both set off to the dinning room to have dinner.  Mad.Flora left to her room after dinner to have some rest, Nichole volunteered to see her off. 

"Mum, let me help you."

She took Mad.Flora to her room and helped her to bed. 

"See you tomorrow mum." said Nichole and left to her room.


Clifford was in the washroom having his shower when his wife called from the bedroom.

"Sweetheart.., what do you think about Nichole?" she asked

There was silence for a while, he dried himself up and came out of the washroom. He sat beside his wife and cuddled her in his arms.

"I don't really know but I don't feel comfortable around her." He replied

"Why dear? She is a good person. She even promised to go shopping with me tomorrow."

"I don't think it's a good idea dear, I don't trust that woman." he replied

Rosita felt uncomfortable with his husband bad mouthing Nichole.

"Sweetheart, calm down. I know her introduction caused a lot but she is a good person".

Rosita tried to talk his husband out in painting Nichole black.


Nichole sat in her room scheming what to do with Rosita. She thought for a while and dialed a number and a voice answered.

" Hello.." The voice cried.

"I have a job for you" Nichole replied with a smirked

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