8. Learning to ride Ducati

Logan drove around the corner into the familiar picturesque and sophisticated neighborhood. “Logan,” I said, sitting up straight and resting my hands on his shoulders. The heavy rain has stopped and it is now just drizzling.

“Please take me to Scarlet's apartment,” I requested. He ignored me and drove down the streets until we arrived at the gate leading to Watson Mansion. I shook his shoulders in frustration because he was ignoring me.

He grumbled, "Couldn't you have told me when we were on the main road?" He entered the gate passcode, and the massive gate slowly opened to reveal the stone path.

“It slipped my mind,” I admitted, feeling guilty. I was so engrossed in the ride that I completely forgot about it. “I told Grecia I was going to spend the night at a friend's house, and she will be suspicious if she sees me for breakfast,” I said quickly.

“Then don't leave the room until mom leaves,” he said impassively as he parked the Ducati in the opulent

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