By:  Kolbe Nna-agozie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ava experiences excruciating pain and constant torment. She is broken and battered but she somehow manages to survive when Aiden comes to her aid and rescues her from Alpha Theo. They seek for the life they have always wanted, they fall in love, they take great risks and fight many enemies. But what happens when the Luna shocks her by facing her to Alpha Theo. The man who killed her father, the same man who made her life a living hell. The man who made her know excruciating pain and suffocating darkness.

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Chi Chi 2003
Love it, please update..
2022-05-13 00:07:45
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Nice but very long chapters. Can you lessen the chapters please?
2022-05-11 14:59:10
2 Chapters
-Alpha Aiden.   Crescent Pack, Greenville.      Alpha Theo brought a good deal of misery to the Crescent Pack the day he died.    The whole Pack had experienced true grief with the news of his death but I was most pained- because he was my father.    This moment, I would be calmly accepting the news of his demise, and the next moment, an unnerving mixture of fright, rage, and grief would arrest me, until my emotions were shredded into unrecognizable pieces.    At some point, I had even believed that I’d found peace, only for some tragic event to trigger another and send me back into excruciating pain.    I’d not been able to drift along like my fellow shifters sadly because I am bombarded with many tasks ahead, tasks which I am not even prepared for.     Janet's death seemed so strange to me
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  -Luna Ava. South Pack. I send up a silent prayer towards the heavens while glancing out the window at the moat.   In a month or two, I would be causing a great scandal. I was inadvertently going to bring disgrace upon my Pack.   I stared straight at my reflection in the mirror, my mind blank. I keep wondering why this impromptu meeting has been called. A long line of Alphas kept streaming into the Pack. No matter what was happening, I knew that I was connected to it in some way. I could feel it.   I was next in line for the position of the Alpha. It was two months till the Carmella, and I'd not yet found my mate. I was going to suffer for being the freak of the Pack.   This was a big crime. Anyone who ever happened to pass their eighteenth year without finding their ma
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