Pain. There is so much pain and fear in her eyes. I do not know what I have done to make her fear me, but I have to fix it. No female should look at her mate as if he is about to hit her.

"Fiadh, I know we are strangers, but I want you to understand that you may speak honestly with me. You never have to cover your feelings. Please, tell me what I said that bothered you," I say gently, hoping I can coax her into being honest with me.

Her deep blue eyes begin to storm as if a battle is waging within her, and I grow nervous. Something in her past has affected her deeply.

"Fiadh, trust me," I plead, and she opens her mouth.

"I am not ready to share a room with anyone yet. I have never been with a man, and we barely know each other. You said "our" room, and I guess I panicked. I don't have a healthy past, and men scare me," she says quickly, and shock slaps me in the face.

I stare at her, unable to respond. I can not believe I didn't think of that. My sweet human has only
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