The word has spread across the allied planets. Zor of Makskin is dead. Her father is being tried for treason, and Krystal of Earth...a female human, has earned the rank of gold.

I glance at Fiadh's tranquil face again before taking another gulp of sukku. I hate this stuff, but it has helped me today.

Between Fiadh's confession of abuse and Krystal's kidnapping, my nerves are fried. I couldn't close my eyes if I wanted to. I have too much to think about...too much to plan.

Not only has my mate made it clear I must avenge her, but I must also avenge Burk's mate. Burk and I are not friends, but we are linked through our mates now. Krystal's safety matters to Fiadh, so Krystal's safety matters to me. All the humans who came through this Harvest are now tied to my life.

I glance at Fiadh again before leaving the room.

I have to set up meetings for tomorrow. One of our enemies has surrendered, and while that is joyous news, I feel like it is the turning point. Krystal
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Leslie Dean
I do not. I just stubbled upon this one the other day. I was so happy to see it.
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I’ve lost count how often I have read Harvested. Didn’t even get notified that there was a new book either so finding it was a pleasant surprise. Do you know how often it gets updated?
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Leslie Dean
I lived your harvested book. thank you so much for continuing to tell the story of the ladies from earth!! I am so happy that she can finally be safe. Awesome books!!

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