I smile as Duya leaves the room looking rather smug.

She always insists on helping me dress even though I have told her I am completely capable. But I must admit her help today was very much needed...and she knows it.

I look down at my pale blue dress and bite my lip. I like my choice. The flowy material and modest neckline look lovely, but my nerves won't let up. Terrax has finally convinced me to meet his parents.

After one whole week of pleading I agreed and now I am terrified. I know that my experience with my parents is a complete 180° from how Terrax was raised, but that doesn't erase my fear. They might hate me. They might be upset that their son chose a human at the Harvest instead of one of the other females. Not to mention the fact we haven't mated.

All my friends have already sealed the bond with their mates. I am not even comfortable with sharing a bed with mine.

"Fiadh," Terrax calls softly from behind me and I turn away from the mirror to see him standin
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Jennifer Rudd Ashley
Please update. We love this story and want to be able to finish it.
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Terri P
Oh, man, I love these books so much. Came to the comments to see how often it's updated to find it's been at least 2 months.
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Lois Washington
I have 2 of your stories ongoing could you plzzzz up date them. It's very disheartening to check daily and no updates. I understand life happens but you have quite a few followers who want to see what happens so plzzzzz update

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