"She has been unconscious for hours," I whisper as I trail my fingers down my mate's creamy cheek.

"She is safe here. You should go to Earth. You will return before she wakes," my father says as he watches from the wall.

I stare at Fiadh's face and weigh my options. I really don't want to leave her weak like this, but it might be the best time. She is safe with my parents and she won't have to stress while I am away.

I slowly bend forward and place a soft kiss to her small forehead. Desire and love course through me the moment her warm skin brushes my lips. As I stand up I give my father my full attention.

"Father, I realize you have your own mate... And you are my father, but if...," I say before my father raises his hand.

"I will protect her with my life. I will not fail you my son. Your sweet mate is safe here. I swear it," my father says as he lays his hand over his heart.

I nod once as our matching eyes stare at one another.

"I will return as soon as i
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Leslie Dean
so happy for Fiadh and Terrax. who is going to get the next harvest sorry?
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Brenda Moses
Beautifully written
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I love your books 8)

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