"Captain Terrax, it is your turn to choose a mate," the male Kea announces, and my heart practically bursts through my chest as hope overloads my internal systems.

Every second that has passed and every couple that left here happy has reassured me that this tournament is truly magical. The courtship between the males and us is so brief I didn't think love could genuinely blossom, but every couple, not counting Zor's, has left smiling. The joy radiating from them is almost visible in the air, and now it's my turn.

My eyes are glued to Terrax as he cuts across the empty space between us. More than half the champions have chosen their mates, but being chosen first was never something I was concerned with. I don't mind the wait if it's for him.

"Fiadh of Earth, I offer you my hand and my heart. If you accept, you will control both until the day I die," Terrax says as he holds out his pale yellow hand, and my eyes widen due to the sincerity in his voice.

I lick my lips
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