Accepting the darkness

Accepting the darkness

By:  Ariana  Ongoing
Language: English
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MC only wanted to fulfill his family inheritance and be God's armed force on earth as holy abbot in his monastery. But a dark secret surrounds the old walls and the young clergyman comes across a burial chamber in which Lucifer himself was sealed. A long time ago, from his ancestor.Despite his firm belief in his master, he can soon no longer avert his gaze from Lucifer. The hitherto strict life of the main character is mixed up and he has to recognize that light and darkness are not always what they seem to be and that there is far more than one can see. Little by little, more beings appear in his environment and soon he himself gets on the track of his greatest secret ...

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Tihana Zeko
i think that books are good, but the price that they charged us are unreasonable. .one book cost me more then 100 dollars and still isnt finished. for that money they should sent us reall book, fully printed and. in hard cover. . I owe more then 500 books but this isn't even book and price fly to th
2021-11-14 20:02:08
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this book is so amazing and intense! I am already your fan author and your writing style is just amazing!
2020-08-29 01:13:45
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i enjoyed reading this so far. by the way, do you have any social media that I can reach out?
2021-07-12 19:04:59
101 Chapters
Our story begins in a place where ancient values took precedence over the convenience of civilization. Where pure souls lived and humbly served their masters. A place where you might think that time hadn't thought of it.It stood high up, above the nearby villages, on a huge mountain, where neither the haste of the present nor the sins reached the place. A big monastery. The mountain of the gods, named because of its height and the monastery, protruded from the small mountain range. It was a mountain with untouched nature. Even a small river, which had its source deep in the forest, dared the way through the forest, spared from the building frenzy of modern times. Cities had sprung up like mushrooms, modernity became indispensable in households, and noise and stress took over the formerly quiet everyday life of people. But none of this reached the Götterberg. The monastery, which was named after its founder Amon, had remained in the old days. It was as if the mountain it
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Second step
Godric didn't want to think about that. After his arrival he had fetched a reading from the archive that had piqued his interest. A story about his ancestor Amon. Because, contrary to all the holiness that this place radiated and for which he stood, was titled as a dark priest and the name Amon, which was a little divine name in the Bible, did not really improve the situation. Godric wanted to know the reason, had hoped for answers in the book, which had been written in some generation by a descendant of Amon. But he didn't get to read yet.A sigh came from the priest's lips. "Lost ..." he mused about his situation. That was less holy, Godric had thought and laughed at himself. He was a great saint to get lost in his own monastery. Had that happened to one of his ancestors too? In any case, he didn't know anyone. If only he had taken a card or just asked the monk, whom he had seen two hours ago, but hadn't wanted to ask. These thoughts made him sigh again. He didn't really wa
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“My Lord is always with me ... even in the darkest hour. I don't like to see it, but feel it. ”He continued to concentrate on himself, as if he were reciting a mantra. He took the other steps and stood in front of the archway. A huge, white archway that led into the cellar. Godric bravely stepped under it, had the feeling that the cold had increased. He picked up the candle as quickly as he could and looked for the plate. Godric hugged himself briefly, shaking himself as he shivered. He wondered how it could be so cold all of a sudden and looked ahead. The basement was open. The arch as an inlet, then a further corridor, which end you couldn't see because it was devoured by the darkness. Something flashed in that darkness. Godric saw it with difficulty. It was the candle plate. He had rolled far into the dark corridor. He bit his lip lightly. Should he get it? He couldn't leave anything behind. It would be contrary to all teachings, even if it were only a small candle pl
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One breath
"A sinner!" Came it shocked and he looked at the gate again. Now all of these symbols made sense. Protective writings, warning symbols that should encourage people to turn back. A ban that was spoken on the gate and should prevent one from passing through. Godric wanted nothing to do with such a sinner. His ancestor must have had a reason to have buried and banished this sinner here and not to bury him in the cemetery as usual, he thought to himself. He was about to turn around when again, if only a fraction of a second, his ring flashed. The blue stone. It seemed to have lit up again in the light of the slightly bluish fire. Was this really just a simple ring? Of course it was clear to him beforehand that this one had magic, even if it sounded absurd. There was no other explanation for the blue hair and eyes he got after putting on the ring. Likewise, that this never came off and has been for a good twenty-one years.He put his hands lightly on the black gate, noticed how th
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The fire burned blazingly as if it wanted to celebrate this breath properly. Godric also noticed the change now, but it was too late. Two greedy hands grabbed the priest's bloody arm and pulled him powerfully into the stone coffin protection. He couldn't escape it. No matter how hard he struggled, the grip was firm and strong. Godric could feel a tongue sliding over his arm, felt the saliva which spread, but took the blood with it. A warm breath met his arm and he made a face in disgust, not knowing what was happening to him. However, the old monk noticed what was happening at that moment and became frightened. "No way! I will not let YOU ruin my plans! ", He shouted almost in panic, drew a dagger and ran towards the confused father. Then everything happened very quickly.Before the panicked monk could send Godric prematurely to his master, the lid of the coffin was opened. The heavy coffin lid fell a few meters on the floor with full force. "No! NO! ", Shouted the monk, took
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The demon put his hand over his mouth and felt sick. The fact that he was so weak at this moment annoyed him very much. But when Godric's words reached his pointy ears, he looked up. Pieces of the gate floated towards the blue-haired man, seemed to come back together on their own. Of course, the demon also knew what this meant and didn't want to let it get that far. As fast as possible he got up, ignoring the pain and wanted to form a ball of fire again to burn Godric like the monk before. The pain in his body was stronger than expected and thwarted his plans. Since he had just awakened, he had been an easy target for the power of the ring. Godric was lucky enough to erect and seal the gate before the demon could gather and throw the ball of fire in his direction. This was hurled against the newly built gate, but absorbed by the seal magic. "Damn it!" The sinner cursed while Godric sank to the ground in relief. For a moment he had seen his life ended. Many had crossed his path, but
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The time has come...
It had been a week since Godric discovered Lucifer's tomb and accidentally opened it. During that time the young priest hadn't even been downstairs. The fear was too great to know who was down there. Still, he remembered the promise, had a bowl of food on his desk. Godric would never break his promise, he had never done that before. He would not do this even to the Antichrist. That week Godric had prayed to God more than usual. He was looking for answers to his questions and had peace of mind. But it wasn't easy to find. During the meditation, Lucifer's eyes always appeared to him, into which he had stared directly as the latter wanted to kill him, as well as his friar. Godric asked his master for assistance. His faith became all the stronger after he learned of Lucifer. He had never doubted his master's existence, but now, thanks to Lucifer, he had proof that he really had to exist. If there was a Lucifer, then there had to be his counterpart. Godric had also done a lot of research
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Weak mind
The attacks had reached the monastery. The attackers were able to bypass the seals that the monks had set. Some monks had, as if by magic, removed the seals themselves and seriously injured their confreres who they tried to prevent. They were obsessed. Blood oozed from her eye sockets, as well as from her ears, mouth and nose. They had an almost crazy grin on their lips. The seal-setting monks were quickly defeated because they did not expect the surprise attack and could not attack their brothers. So they were attacked and almost killed themselves. But not only the possessed cleared the way, demons had also revealed themselves among the monks. Brothers who sat at the same table day after day, doing the same work, turned into gruesome beings with long ears, horns and sharp teeth. They slid their claws into the flesh of their former brothers and tore it apart. A bloody picture played out on the mountain of gods. While the demons from outside broke the weaker and weaker seals, which a
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Decus laughed. He liked the spectacle that was going on here. He put his hand on Godric's head, his claws digging into his scalp. The blood slowly seeped into the priest's hair and he groaned again in pain. It felt like he was being dazed with pain. "It won't be long my servants and you will be able to wallow in the darkness! With Lucifer's death our era will arise! I will make everyone suffer! I am Lord Gehenna and a God!""You want to kill me? That I don't laugh!" Lucifer laughed darkly. "Your era is worth nothing more than a pile of dirt!" Decus looked angrily at the gates when Lucifer began his speech. "You will never be able to kill me! I am the lord of the underworld and total darkness! Not you! ... Brother ! "Decus grinned." We'll see, little brother. Back then, thanks to our mother's watchful eyes, I never had the chance. But now I'll get you out of the way. "" As if! "Lucifer looked to the side , where he suspected the father. "Yo Pfaffe! Do you want to die or live?"
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When Lucifer stood in the corridor, the lower demons also felt the aura of their former master. They had paused briefly with their attacks. The surviving monks were confused, some were saved by this brief confusion, as only a few seconds later the claws of the dark creatures would have bored into them. Godric ran through the corridors and wanted to go to the large square at the entrance to the monastery. There the monks tried in vain to prevent the demons from entering the monastery. But before Godric got there, Lucifer stopped him. He had teleported behind the blue priest and pulled his wrist towards him. "Hey! Wa- “, but Godric got no further. Lucifer held the grip despite Godric's best efforts to break free. He was amazed at the strength of the thin and shorter man behind him. Lucifer was a good head shorter than the father. He had wondered about the appearance of the alleged antichrist. After all, Lucifer had neither horns nor a demon tail or anything else that people imag
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