The Baby Daddy Is A Vampire

The Baby Daddy Is A Vampire

By:  QueenOfhearts  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jairus Ezekiel, the swoon worthy tycoon gets pulled to a bar by his pals. Eager for the ruthless business lord to get laid by the most desired bar beauty of the town. The one name, ginger haired mysterious lady, known for treating men in a peculiar way in bed. Agnes Regina could tackle any man within four walls of the bar, except Jairus Ezekiel. One night of insatiable passion gets her pregnant. But things become weirdly suspicious when she suddenly starts craving blood during her pregnancy. -*-*-*-*- [F-Rated: Fun, Flirt, Fluff and Fuck]

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Christine Owings
28 chapters 8/23/23
2023-08-24 01:45:25
46 Chapters
1 - The seductive encounter
The candles were illuminating the room with their dim light as the scent coming from them created a romantic atmosphere. It was obvious that anyone in his place would have given in too. The throbbing sensation within his jeans was the most expected reaction from his body. After all, that succubus was clad in a backless long dress which hung till her feet and hugged her body like a perfect boyfriend. Jairus looked around as he was seated on the other side of the table while his eyes were darted towards the woman in front of him. The room was enough space for the other necessary furniture and that small two seater table to be there. The man was barely able to hold back his carnal desires which were solely caused by the whole sensual atmosphere. He could see through her intentions but also did not wish to stop the woman knowing that she was doing all that to test his limits. Agnes lifted her head after pouring the wine and looked into the reflection. A meaningful grin appeared on he
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2 - Virgin Ginger prostitute
The black charcoal road was stretched so far, never ending. The silence was hovering outside like everything and every living being was dead. No sound, no chirp, no chatter, nothing. Everything was calm. And it should be since it was about midnight when no one goes out. Or I would say no well-reputed man goes out. To save themselves from unnecessary gossip people shut their doors at elven and stay within their homes in the city. The darkness of the night was interrupted only by the dim streetlights, casting long shadows of trees and buildings. It was an eerie feeling, as if I was the only one alive in the entire city. [New York] When the sound of Xander could be heard by anyone out of the car. "So buddy, how was it?" Kurtz added another question in the excited tone. "How was she?" Jairus was driving, not so smooth but steady enough. Though his grip on steering was strong, he was a little drunk. "Ah! She was better than others." Jairus remarked. "Aye, aye!" And the all three men lau
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3 - Guilt of Jairus Ezekiel
Xander drove silently back towards the mansion not knowing what clearly had happened back there in the bar. All the way he was silent and his friends knew about his anger which made them not ask him anything. It was obvious that something must have had occurred there which was a query and mystery for all of the friends. However, they all decided to give Jairus some time alone to ask him the next day about what had happened. Xander dropped Jairus at his place since the guys took turns to go to the bars every weekend. With a heavy heart full of guilt Jairus stepped towards his room with thumping of boots audible in that quiet mansion since nobody else was staying with him. The door opened with a creak as he pushed his body forward towards the bed with black coat hung on his arm and threw himself on bed with legs touching down the carpet. Jairus was still not sure what and how exactly all that had happened, however everything was unusual. But he could also still feel that lingering tou
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4 - Agnes quits the job
The next morning Agnes woke up rubbing her eyes, she sat straight as the woman yawned. The room was quiet surprisingly as if nothing had happened. No one was there and it was not an unusual thing because no client used to stay after spending the night with her. “What exactly happened? Argh! What happened to me last night?” She had no clue about anything and thus looked around to check the surroundings in case there was someone around. She wanted to get up but her lower abdomen felt an extreme pang of discomfort. Agnes looked down at herself and then stared at her naked body. At once she stepped out of bed totally forgetting the waves of pain that were circulating in her whole body. “What the fuck!? No, no! No one can do this to me!” Agnes snarled in that empty room as she grew angier. She pulled the silk cloth from bed to confirm the hunch and saw the blood spots on the white bed cover. Agnes felt her hands trembling and legs shaking, she fell on the ground backwards on her naked rou
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5 - Dark past of Jairus
Either love changes people or it usually is the guilt. Something similar happened to Jairus too. [Jairus’ POV] I don't know what's happening to me, everything seems to have changed in just a blink of an eye. Just a few days ago I loved to spend much time with my friends, used to hangout at various times till late night. But now I am sleeping before midnight from past five days, which have changed my whole darn life drastically. I don't know what is happening but I think I am doing this to avoid my friends so they would not inquire about that night from me. Actually not them perhaps I am restraining myself from going to clubs bars and pubs again. So, I would not end up doing something horrible like that once again. I have already been regretting that till today. I don't want to do ‘that’ again, what if the next woman would be same? The chances are slimmer but not null, right? Then I will be sinful once again and I don't want a double weight on my shoulders. No matter how much of a
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6 - Agnes Regena
Either you rise from the pit, or you remain fallen and become mad! [Agnes Regena’s POV] What should I say or what should I tell? Really? You want to listen to my story? I didn't tell HIM about myself or my identity when I fell in love with him. Yes, HIM! I, Agnes Regena, came to the human world on a study tour about humans. I'm a vampire, as you read. I'm actually 500 years old, but the time of the human world and our world is different, so you won't understand. We vampires don't get old, and we don't burn in sunlight it's a myth. We don't even drink human blood, although we sometimes crave it. We do respect the "peace pact" signed with ancient humans and for that we mingle with the humans without getting caught. When I came here and started my high school life, I fell in love with a boy. We became really good friends. He was the star of our school, and girls used to watch him play, write him letters, and want to be his girlfriend. I studied human behaviors and psychology. Everythi
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7 - Culprit has been found
Agnes stood outside the building, preparing to enter. She let out a deep sigh, perhaps she was again entering that mysterious lion's den! The huge building was impressively decorated with glass work. She reminded herself that she was there for a murder, to hunt her prey and knock him down for what he'd done to her. Agnes settled her loose green dress, which came down to her knees, covering her thighs and hiding her beautiful figure in that looseness. She tied her hair into a ponytail, looking professional yet graceful. Agnes took the steps towards the entrance with confidence and delicacy, with the files of her qualifications and other basic information tucked to her chest by her bare hand. She strode through the hall painted in white, reaching the reception. A pretty girl was on call managing the entries of people and providing them with the needed information. As the call ended, she wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked up as Agnes spoke. "Excuse me. I'm here for an interview
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8 - Work as his secretary
[Jairus’ POV] I didn't know what had happened to me. I guess it was really her. But why was she here? What could be her purpose? Perhaps she remembered me and that night too. Was she there for money or for some bigger purpose? So many questions popped up in my mind when she entered my office. Despite her different appearance, I recognized her. She was wearing a loose green dress, but still looked pretty in it. Her face was calm, but her expression was serious. It was the first time I saw her eyes; they were a beautiful shade of green. At first, I couldn't speak when I saw her. I didn't know if it was fear and guilt that overcame me, or if I was happy to see her again, safe and sound. But whatever it was, I was okay with the flow. She was standing close by in front of me while I kept gazing at her face. I don't know why, but at that time, I was ready to accept her if she wanted me to do so. My thoughts stopped running when she spoke and I came to know that she was there for a job – a
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9 - Confusion about Jairus
[Agnes’ POV] I started the day brushing my teeth, licked my fangs which I use to trim every three days. Moving the brush on my teeth I thought about yesterday. "What was happening to me at that time? I was just being drawn to him. Yesterday I controlled myself almost successfully. But how could I do this everyday if I have to be under one fucking roof with him?" Confusingly I questioned myself in the mirror knowing that something was definitely suspicious about that man. He was still alive after sharing intimacy with me, which itself was a big question because that should not happen. As a vampire my dark core should have sucked all his energy and the man should be dead by now. But he was still alive and kicking which made me curious, what made it worse was that peculiar aura coming from him. He was not a human but not a vampire either, his energy was something else which drew me towards him. I had the intentions of killing him at first but that scent which made me lose my control pr
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10 - His intoxicating scent
Agnes went to the company and was assigned many files to study. She was given a table next to Jairus, and they sat silently with their heads buried in files. [Jairus POV:] I was glad to see her again, happy, or more than that. I arranged a table in my cabin for her right in front of mine so that I could see her whenever I lifted my head without getting caught. She was working diligently, studying each file carefully by placing her fingertips upon every word. I peeked through the corner of my eyes from time to time. She was beautiful, heavenly. Although I didn't know her, I guess I fell for her. Oh heavens, I was in love with her. Since when? I don't know, perhaps that night or perhaps yesterday when she came to me for a job. Should I tell her about that night and apologize? It was a tough question, though I didn't know about the circumstances. I think I'd wait since she doesn't remember me. If I'll tell her, it's quite possible she'll hate me. I'll make her fall in love with me. Ye
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