Against the Tragic Fate

Against the Tragic Fate

By:  Kich Haille  Ongoing
Language: English
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Claire Leerstrom, a daughter of a powerful and wealthy duke. The youngest sibling and the only daughter of the Leerstrom family. As being the youngest child and only daughter, Claire is a bit spoiled, no. She really is a spoiled brat. A brat what she wants, she will get. Claire fell in love with the first prince and a lady who is blinded by love she do everything in order for her beloved to be crowned as king. Little she didn’t know that the first prince was only using her in order to succeed the throne. After sitting on the throne, the first prince she loved so dearly found another woman. The first prince reasons out her personality and how her brother was labeled as traitors. He two brothers died as traitors without knowing if they really are. Their social status was slowly going down because of what his two brothers accused of. Her parents dying one after another because of sickness they got for so much pressure and stressful events happening on their family after they loss two of their sons. Her twin brother was imprisoned for some reason and was publicly executed. At that time Claire was divorce by the first prince and thrown her out of the palace. Claire being left out alone and individually sucking up what happening on her family and herself crumbled down. Then decided to end her life once and for all. However, what happened next was unexpected. She saw again the faces she thought she would never see again. The faces who brought her to this world. The faces of her parents and brothers. Is that a dream? Or she was given a second chance to live all over again and change her fate. What will happened to her now?

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waiting for more the way, is there any socmed that I can follow?
2021-07-21 17:52:48
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Atieno Lilian
the book is interestingly different, I love it
2021-06-17 19:42:31
17 Chapters
Chapter 1
Dear Claire,                       Hello my sister. How are you? How are the things there in the mansion? I never heard about you nor receive a letter from you these past few days. I’m having regrets now. I should have not spare your life if it will be like this. I’m sorry for being a failure older brother to you. If only mom, dad, Tyler and Terrence are still alive. I think they can pass through this. They can solve this matter with a feat.            Our little sister, I’m sorry if brother can’t be with you now. I will be executed tomorrow. I hope you will find your will and strength to continue living rather than walking like a dead every day. I’m wishing you a gr
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Chapter 2
Since the accident I’m starting to change even my personality and attitude then a rumors started to spread inside and outside of the duke mansion. I am the only daughter and the youngest sibling of the Duke Leerstrom family. I have a three older brother; one is my twin but consider my older brother for he came first before me. The first son and the successor of the duke title, Terrence Leerstrom. The most responsible and strict brother as what the novel says so. Second son, Tyler Leerstrom, the happy go lucky and always smiling person of the Leerstrom family, and the last but not the least, the naughty son, twin of Claire, Clarence Leerstrom.            We aren’t close in the past. However, I’m determined to change that fate. I will be happy together with my family not like the previous life that we are regretting fo
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Chapter 3
The knight stops when he notices that the lady he is walking with is not walking anymore. Claire is standing still while looking at the man who appeared in front of her walking on the opposite side of the hallway. She holds her dress and grip tightly. CLAIRE POV            I know this is a palace where he lived. However, the palace is so big that seeing him is a small chance after all. Still, why now? Why it has to be now? I grip tighter on my dress. I’m not ready to face this man. The man whom I experience being in love and be hurt all at once. The man who played me and used as his pawns without a conscience. The man who never care for you or your sentiments. I want to charge on him and slice off his head.&nb
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Chapter 4
“You may take your leave now. I will take Lady Claire from here,” Reimir, the second prince order to the knight. The knight bow and give me the basket. He turns his back and walk towards the door and open it. Before he went outside I called him, “Sir knight”            “My lady?” he faces me.            “Wait a minute.” I put the basket on the center table and get my hankie from my pocket. I grab some cookies from the basket and put it in the hankie then secure them. I walk towards the knight and hand over my hankie with coo
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Chapter 5
Since I know the way like it was on the back of my hand. I successfully reached the garden of the palace. However, the garden is quite big where you can play chase games, and hide and seek. So I need to roam for a bit in this garden to look for my father. Though, I remember that there is a pavilion here, five exactly. One on each of the corner and one on the middle.            “I guess. I’ll start at the middle.” I walk towards the middle of the garden. The garden has short and high bushes wall with varies of flowers. While walking around the garden I’m amuse on how the garden stay beautiful before and after I became the queen of the country. I reached the center and I saw my father and the king on the pavilion talking. I walk towards them w
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Chapter 6
Ever since the discussion they had with the king, Claire requested to his father to look for a teacher for her in swordsmanship. Claire’s parents and brothers did not allow her to have that kind of lesson. Thus, she decided to sneak out from the mansion and secretly look for a teacher. While she was roaming around the market in disguising as a commoner she also had fun watching the streets with so many side stores, street performers, and etc. One time she went in a tavern. She is just curious for what a tavern be look like. Also, she heard that she could find a good swordsman in those kind of places. Claire enter the tavern and directly went towards the bartender in the counter area and sat.            “What can I help you miss?” the bartender ask
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Chapter 7
Claire and the unknown man ran as fast they could and far as they can. Claire looks back wondering if those men are still chasing after them. She stops and pull her hand back when she saw there is nothing chasing them.            “Why the hell we run?” Claire asking while catching her breathes. The unknown man stops and look at Claire. He checked if there is someone still chasing them. When he saw nothing then he stands straight and catch his breathe.            “You run with me but you didn’t know why are we running?” the unknown man asks unbelievably. 
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Chapter 8
Tomorrow morning, as what they planned. The two of them meet up at their meeting place and start their training lesson on the woods. Claire did all her best to learn how to wield a sword without knowing it is the prince himself is the one teaching her. Every day they meet up for training lesson and every day the prince himself is watching, amused, to the little lady sweating to learn every teaching he taught. Prince Reimir stand behind of the lady while holding her arms and waist. To teach her how to hold the sword, the position and the movement when swaying it. Claire doesn’t give malice on their body being near to each other as she was so focus on learning. On the other hand, Prince Reimir can smell her sweet fragrance catching his attention greatly.           &
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Chapter 9
“Claire, it seems you are so busy these past few days. I barely see you here in the mansion,” her mother said.“I’m very sorry mother. I’m just having so much fun on the book I read. It has really a great story. So I always look for a place where I can be alone.”“Oh what story it is?”
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Chapter 10
The banquet hall is so lively and dazzling from the lights. There are so many guests that’s mostly composed of aristocrats and nobles. Claire’s family arrived in the banquet hall on time and the guard reviewed their names on the list before they enter the banquet hall.“My memories of a banquet I once attended in my past life flowed in my mind,” in Claire’s mind.
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