Chapter Sixty Seven

The car parked outside what seemed like a resort a little bit outside town. It was a two hour drive to be precise. The drive was smoothing, perfect music, and little conversation in between. She'd constantly ask how was my neck and I'd assure her that I was fine.

"Baby...." I said as we hopped off the car.

"Yes babe.."

"I don't have clothes you know.. coz you just drove here straight.."

She smiled, "you are not going to need clothes for this..."

My mind insanely went 360°.. "Umhh baby I don't think my head or neck can do with your sex.. it's just crazy wild.."

She shoved me off playfully, "baby I wasn't even thinking sex.. I have plans.. and they do still require you naked.. but not for fucking.."

I smiled as she locked the car and took my hand, "well baby you can't say I don't need clothes and expect me not to think about sex."

I took in our surroundings, the place was fucken breathtaking, the buildings were made with wood

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