Chapter Sixty Three

"God... Thandy why did you do that?"  George asked sounding a bit afar. My mind wasn't here at all, it was back five years ago, when I last saw Roxanne.


She was standing here, just a few feet away from me, looking like she just jumped off a playboy magazine. She looked fucken hot it hurt. She looked breathtaking.

This felt like a dream. Like it wasn't happening. I thought someone would finally scream, "you have got got.." and they'd show hidden cameras, but nothing like happened.

"Thandy..." Steph said quickly snapping me off my thoughts. I looked on the ground, "fuck... I'm so sorry..."

George, "It's okay.. we understand the chick is hot, I'll clean this up."

Steph stood in front of me, "God am I so glad that you guys know each other, I thought it would be really awkward since y'all meeting for the first time. But I think it's only basics, you will just make her feel welcomed."

She had no idea how awkward this w

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A patient? Isn’t she an actress?

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