Agreement with the Italian

Agreement with the Italian

By:  Samita  Completed
Language: English
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Claudia thought she had the perfect relationship with her fiancé Javier, but soon realized she was wrong when she found her love in bed with her own sister. Hurt and humiliated, she went to a bar to drown her sorrows, meeting an attractive and sexy man with whom she lived an unforgettable night, and who turned out to be her own boss. Alessandro Lombardi, a powerful and millionaire man, will make her a crazy proposal to marry just for a contract, but the almost obsessive attraction he feels for little Claudia will put him in a dangerous balance between marriage and business. His jealousy will be a problem and will create certain conflicts that will destabilize their relationship, especially because he does not want to have offspring and Claudia carries in her womb the fruit of so many nights of passion.

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Delinda Schumacher
34 chapters 5-18-23
2023-05-20 00:23:58
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I tortured myself and read the entire book to give an honest review. The sentences are not punctuated properly. The conversations are childish and immature. The author mixed up character names and used wrong genders & pronouns. There’s repetition and unnecessary drama. Rushed ending…
2024-02-02 14:05:33
121 Chapters
Chapter 1
I was finishing a pretty heavy day at work. I had studied communication at the University of Madrid, Spain and I had just graduated two years ago.I work in the creative area of Lombardi Enterprises. I still have a lot to learn in the entertainment business, but I really love what I do.Being a pretty smart girl, I managed to stand out from the rest of my peers. I recently got promoted to the position of Creative Executive Director, many of my peers are jealous of my new position.My fiancé, Javier Harris is a wonderful man, I met him in college, we were very good friends until he proposed me to be his girlfriend, I always liked him and it was wonderful when he proposed to me, we have been dating for two years, without a doubt he is the best man in the world.He recently proposed to me, I am so happy, I feel very grateful to life."Claudia, wake up!""I'm sorry, what were you saying, Eva?""My friend, you're in another world, it's the weekend and what do you say? We go to a bar to rel
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Chapter 2
Will it be true that she is not my sister? She is two years older than me, so I need to investigate the truth.I realized that the hotel has a bar, so I decided to go in. I hardly drink alcohol but for this time I really wanted to drink and forget about everything.I went to an empty seat next to, there was a rather handsome gentleman but with a very gloomy and sad look, I think we both had a bad day."Please, a double whiskey.""Right away, miss."I began to cry in silence while I drank without measure, suddenly I noticed that man's look. I just didn't care and I kept drinking as much alcohol as I could."I don't know what happened to you, miss, I think you've had enough alcohol."It's my business," I answer regardless of the words of that man.I was sunk in my thoughts, without a doubt from now on I would be a different type of girl, apparently men like more determined women and not as boring as me.Some pretty handsome guys approached me and one of them pulled me towards him. I was
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Chapter 3
"It's true, the one who is always in charge of the company is Vice President Lorenzo Santoro."On the other hand there is his cousin Alexis Lombardi, he always spends his time posing in fashion magazines and gossip shows, they are like polar opposites.""You have to admit that Alexis Lombardo is very handsome, it's a pity he's a womanizer, Claudia, imagine meeting the Lombardo cousins ​​in person, it would be every girl's dream.""Eva, you never change, you cannot be guided by the appearance of a person, their value is defined by their way of being.""Okay. You win, friend, it will be better to go to work if we don't, they will rebuke."The morning passed very quickly, I had several projects to review, I have a lot of work. There is a new project with the most famous Italian film director, Luciano D'angelo, it is a film that promises to capture the hearts of the audience.Just when it was time to go out to eat I received a call from Javier, I decided to answer it, it was necessary to
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Chapter 4
"Changing the subject a bit, Alessandro, is it true that Alexis is marrying Miss Anna Rosetti?"Anna was my great love when I was young, just on Friday I found out that she had gotten engaged to my cousin, I admit that that day I felt a little sad, I decided to go have a couple of drinks and that's where I met that mysterious girl."That's right, they get married in 2 months.""Wow, apparently Alex got away with it, I really hate your cousin, Ale, how could he do that to you?""I don't care about that, I already realized what kind of woman Anna is, they are right for each other.""It's true, besides you are Alessandro Lombardi, you can have any girl you want.""Lorenzo, I must confess to you that there is something that worries me.""What happened?""When my grandfather found out about Alexis' engagement, he talked to me and he wants me to get married too.""What is the problem? No one can force you to get married.""That's what I thought, but my grandfather threatened to take control
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Chapter 5
Pov. Alessandro When I saw her enter the office, she looked so delicate, just like a flower. I immediately realized that she recognized me, she turned pale from fright upon learning my identity.I turned to my friend."Lorenzo, can you leave us alone?""Sure."She straightened up and regained her composure."Tell me, Mr. Lombardi, what can I support you with?""Claudia, you can call me Alessandro, it's not necessary so much formality.""I couldn't, you're my boss."I saw her very nervous, she looked so cute. I approached her, we were face to face."You can't call me Mr. Lombardi, tell me Alessandro." I reiterated."It's not that easy for me.""Claudia, stop being so shy, after all you and me... It's not necessary to go into details, you already know." Her blushing face provoked me to kiss her at that moment. "Tell me, Claudia, Did you go back to your ex-boyfriend?"She was silent for a few seconds. "No, he and I definitely broke up."I was happy with his answer, I don't want any m
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Chapter 6
Pov. Alessandro Bruno entered the house urgently."Mr. Lombardi, I have important information for you.""What is it?""Apparently, Miss Claudia's father was rushed to the hospital.""Do you know what the reason was?""A heart attack.""I want all the details, Bruno.""Yes, sir."Maybe I should go give Claudia some support. I immediately grabbed my car keys and left the house, but on the way I ran into Alexis."What's your hurry, cousin? I thought you were joining us for dinner.""I have important business to attend to Alexis, excuse me with Grandpa Daniel."Just as I was about to get into my car, a female voice stopped me."Ale, can I have a word?""Anna, I'm in a hurry. I can't take your call right now."She took my hand."Alessandro, I still haven't been able to forget you."I was very amused by her words."You say you can't forget me, but you're marrying my cousin," I raised an eyebrow. "You're a hypocrite, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't bother me with your false words anymore,
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Chapter 7
I took a breath of air, thinking quickly of all that was going to come with being the wife, even a pretend one of a man as important as Alessandro. "I ask only two conditions, Mr. Lombardi.""I hear you.""First, I want a simple wedding, so I don't want anyone to know that we are married, I don't want them to think that I am only in the company because I am his wife.""At first I can promise to be discreet, but sooner or later they are going to find out, don't you think?""For the time being I wish only our closest relatives to be aware of our marriage.""Okay. What about the second condition?""To sleep in separate rooms.""No, Claudia, if we sleep in separate rooms, my grandfather is going to realize that it's an arranged marriage, but I promise to give youyour place and not to touch you if you don't want it."Wow, it's a complicated situation, sleeping next to Alessandro. Just thinking about it makes me feel very nervous."Okay, now please save my dad's life.""Sure, I just need t
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Chapter 8
Suddenly Alessandro came so close to me that I felt his breath on my face. I don't know why he makes me so nervous, with his fingers he was caressing my cheeks until he reached my lips, I felt an electricity run through my body. His lips rested on mine and he gave me a small kiss, I think that when he saw my surprise he decided to pull away, although in reality I wouldn't have minded going deeper into that kiss. "Clau, you have to start relaxing when I kiss you, in front of grandpa you can't look scared, remember the family has to believe this relationship is real." "You're right, I'm going to do more than my part." Suddenly her cell phone started ringing, apparently it was an important call. "Clau, I have work to do, what do you say we go out to dinner to continue talking about the details of our wedding?" "Very well." "Send me your home address and I'll pick you up at 8pm." "Perfect, I just need you to give me your number." "I already have your number, Clau, I'll text you r
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Chapter 9
Pov. AlessandroI arrived home after having dinner with Claudia. It was certainly a very pleasant evening, her company makes me feel happy, that feeling of loneliness disappears when I am by her side."Bruno, I need you to do some more research on the Rodriguez family.""Do you wish to know something specific, Mr. Lombardi?""Yes, Bruno, find out if any of the daughters in the family are adopted.""I'll look into it. When I have some information I will let you know Sir.""Very well, I'm counting on you Bruno, please be discreet."I arrived at the company, and to my surprise, Anna was waiting for me in my office."What are you doing here? If you wish to settle a matter with me, you have to make an appointment with my secretary.""Veronica let me in, she knows I'm an important person for you, I need us to talk, Alessandro.""I don't want to talk to you, I'm not interested in listening to you, I have a lot of work so pleaseback off or I'll call security.""Don't be so mean to me, pleas
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Chapter 10
"By the way, I have great news for you and Grandpa.""Wow cousin lately you have me intrigued by your behavior, may I know what the good news is?""Don't be desperate cousin, that's why I organized a dinner tomorrow with you, remember to be punctual.""Very well, Alessandro, see you tomorrow. By the way, I also invited my fiancée, I hope you don't mind.""Not at all, now Anna is going to be part of the Lombardi family, it's normal for her to be present at family dinners."Alexis didn't seem happy with my answer and calm attitude, what did I expect? It was actually ridiculous that he kept getting in my face about Anna, which made me think he was insecure about her.The day was quite heavy, I had to meet Clau to give her details about our engagement, it was time to introduce her to grandpa Daniel."Are you telling me that tomorrow I'm going to meet your family!!!""That's right, little one.""I'm very nervous, how should I act?""First of all, you have to be calm, remember that Grandpa
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