My Alpha's Fairytale

My Alpha's Fairytale

By:  Kim Black  Completed
Language: English
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Slave. A word I've been hearing for the past 10 years that I have completely forgot what my real name was. My money driven parents sold me to the Alpha of the New moon pack when I was only 10 in return for a large sum of money. I was nothing but a worthless human who never had her first shift and I was kicked to the lowest of the low, beaten, worked to death and cursed all day. Losing all hope in life, something still made me want to hang on a little while longer. I can feel my chest warm up with fire and I pray to God that I'm not being delirious.

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44 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Slave!!" I heard Drake, the alpha call from the living room. I immediately left the dishes I was doing and practically ran to him bowing my head as I entered the living room. I have to be respectful and nor utter a word or else he'll hurt me. He and Brittany, his mate were sitting on the couch watching tv with his arm on her shoulders."My mate is hungry. Go make us something to eat, and don't you dare even think about tasting anything." He yelled in his alpha tone making me flinch a little. I bowed my head again and made my way back to the kitchen. I decided to make some macaroni and cheese since that's what Brittany, Drake's mate liked the most. In fifteen minutes the macaroni was ready, so I took both plates on a tray with two cans of soda since Drake must have something to drink with his meals.I made my way to the living room but it looks like I had really bad timing. Both Drake and Brittany were in a heated make-out sess
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Chapter 2
Alexis's POV ( she is not the main lead)She was running again. From what you ask? I wish I knew the answer. Something scared her, she was in danger and needed to be saved, but how? I don't know her. The girl that's been hunting my dreams for the past 2 weeks. She is beautiful. Her long, black hair flying behind her as she ran through the forest, and her ocean blue eyes held so many emotions that I couldn't tell. Just like last night, and the night before, and before, she quickly ran between the trees, looking back behind her every now and then. Something or someone was chasing her I'm sure. But, wait, who is that? There's someone in the distance. I can't really see him properly in the dark but he he sure is big. That's the first time I see him in my dreams. The girl is running towards him, he looks........happy? Looking closely, I saw who it was. It was her lover. I saw them several times before during the past 2 weeks. They lov
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Chapter 3
Logan's POVI killed her. I know it was just a dream but still. Even in our dreams I must be the one to protect and love her.My mate. I missed her so much. She made a huge impact on me from the first time I saw. It wasn't just a normal meeting between us. I was in trouble and she saved me. Even though I never got the chance to know her name, I owed her my life.I couldn't help the tears that fell from my eyes when Alexis told me. I felt my chest tighten and my heart felt like it's being stabbed over and over."Logan sweetie, are you okay?" I heard my mom ask as she put on of her hands on my shoulder. That brought me out of my daze."Yeah mom, I'm fine." I lied.I wiped my wet face, stood up and made my way upstairs to my room.I have to calm down or I would have a mental breakdown. The thought of her getting hurt in any way made my blood boil and to think that I was the one wh-No, I would never. Plus it was only a dream, no big deal
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Chapter 4
I suddenly jolted out of my sleep at the sound of my bedroom door being slammed open and an angry alpha standing on my door way.I was still in a daze, trying to make sense of my surrounding as I was still half asleep when I large hand made contact with my face making my head turn harshly the other way. That sure woke me up and I'm sure my cheek would turn blue any time now, I was even able to taste blood from my split lip."You bitch! Why are you still in bed?!" I couldn't help but roll my eyes internally at the word 'bed'. You call that a bed? I was sleeping on the floor with a torn out jacket as my pillow and a single torn blanket."What? You waiting for us to bring your majesty your breakfast in bed? Don't you know that today is a very important day?!" Alpha Drake spat angrily at my face. I looked out my small window and the sun was already up. I usual woke up at the very early hours of the morning when only a single ray of sunlight was visible. I didn't realis
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Chapter 5
Logan's POV*Flashback*It was a sunny day and I decided to go for a run with my wolf since he wouldn't shut up about it.I was only 10 years old so my wolf wasn't that big. He was pure black but had a small semi lunar patch on his right paw.I kept on running in the woods that surrounded the pack house, moving between trees and jumping from rock to rock. It was a good exercise and I loved the sun rays that hit my body at different angles. I felt happy but only until something made me stop.It was a scent, a weird one. I couldn't recognise it but the scent was that of a decaying body. It was disgusting.I decided to go check but before I could take another step forward I felt something prick my left leg. I looked and saw a small needle like thing with a red rubber band and its end. My leg started to go numb and I eventually became light headed. I panicked and tried running but my body couldn't hold me and I fell face flat on the ground.I he
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Chapter 6
Logan's POVDing dongDing dongThe sound of the clock echoed through the whole area, signalling the end of this year and the beginning of a new one.All around the world people would be celebrating right now. Starting the New Year with family, friends and loved ones. But not me.All that occupied me right now was the barely alive body in my hands. My mate's body."Call you're pack doctor. Hurry up!" I yelled at Alpha Drake. I know I wasn't supposed to, he's an alpha after all, but what was I supposed to do? My mate was dying right in front of me."Why are you standing there? Please go call him." I pleaded this time. He looked hesitant, like he didn't care at all. Just what exactly is going on? Why wouldn't he worry about her? Isn't she one of his pack members?"Please" I begged again but he still wouldn't move. Now I'm angry. "MOVE YOU'RE ASS AND CALL THE PACK DOCTOR RIGHT NOW!! WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE?!" I yelled using my alp
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Chapter 7
Logan's POV1 week. 1 whole damn week since I found my mate, and she still didn't wake up. Not even once.Dr.Mitchelle told me that it would take time for the medicine and my blood to kick in her body and bring her back, but I can't wait any longer.I've been staying next to her this whole time and only left for the bathroom or to take a shower. I even declined eating downstairs with the rest of my pack and just asked for my food to be brought here. I can't bear the thought of leaving her for even a second.How I wish she would wake up and look at me with her beautiful eyes. I want to hold her and feel her body against mine, protect her from anyone or anything that would try and hurt her, and make her happy every second we're together.I sighted, and started patting her hair and gently, twirling it around my fingers.I was pulled out of my thoughts with a light tap on my door. I stood up and went to open my door to find my mom standing there
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Chapter 8
Logan's POV"She's gone Logan. Your mate, she's gone."My mother's words kept repeating themselves in my mind as I practically ran towards my room, taking three steps at a time. She's gone? How can she be gone? We didn’t see anyone leave through the front door and no one smelled any unfamiliar scent. This is my entire fault. I wasn't supposed to leave her.I opened my room's door to only stop dead in my tracks.There, the place where my mate should be was empty. She wasn't there. I was going to break down.I felt my mum's hand on my shoulder, which made me turn around and face her."How did this happen? Weren't you with her? Didn't I tell you to look after her for me mom?" I yelled, anger lacing my every word."I-I'm sorry. I just went to the bath-bathroom and when I c-came out sh-she wasn't there." My mom stuttered between sobs. My eyes softened and I felt bad for yelling at her. This wasn't her fault. It was all mine.I
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Chapter 9
Logan's POVI was so angry! After 1 whole week my mate finally woke up only to lose conscious again! The people in my pack knew that she obviously had a past and that we were supposed to take it slow with her. Still, my mom, the twins, Jake and Alexis rushed towards us making her panicking and yet again lose conscious."I told you guys to be careful and not overwhelm her." I said as I threw my hands in the air frustrated."We're sorry sweetie, we were just worried." My mom said.All 5 of them were seated in the living room with me pacing back and force. They were all shifting uncomfortably in their seats from my ranting."I know mom, but she'll just be more scared and not cower back from us, from me, her mate." I all but yelled. I heard her sight."It's okay Logan, just take it easy with her next time she wakes up and it'll be fine." Alexis said."Yeah cause, it'll be fine." I heard the twins say in union.Now it wa
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Chapter 10
Logan's POVWaking up to these beautiful blue eyes was something I would never get bored or tired from. After our conversation about my mate's true being last night, I headed to my room and couldn't keep my hands off of her. I ended up sleeping with her pressed against my body and in between my arms.She seemed confused for a while before she rose from her place with a start and immediately cowered in the corner. God, I'm such an idiot! Of course she would freak out if she woke up in a stranger's arms."Hey, hey it’s okay, I won't hurt you." I said calmly without moving from my sitting position as to not scare her more.She looked into my eyes trying to figure out if I was telling the truth. I could see her beautiful tail moving behind her. Obviously, she was still unaware of its presence; however, it didn't take long before it touched her cheek making her jump from her place with a screech. I should be grateful for that since she jumped right into my arms in
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